iPhone Disabled and ‘value is missing’

iPhone Disabled and ‘value is missing’ (Fix it Now)

Are you facing iPhone Disabled and ‘value is missing’ and there are several reasons why this problem appears.

But don’t worry, here I’ll tell you the solutions to fix this issue. So, keep reading this article to the end.

Why does iPhone Disabled and ‘Value is Missing’ Issue Occur?

Restoring is such an essential setting and restoring your device is a way to fix several problems with your iPhone devices. This is annoying, and this problem also occurs when users perform a DFU restore.

And because of this problem, your device might be stuck on the Apple logo.

This problem mainly occurs because sometimes iTunes files may cause the error, and there is one probable solution: reinstalling iTunes.

How To Fix iPhone Disabled and ‘Value is Missing’?

There are generally to ways to fix this problem, and here I have explained both the methods one by one:

Solution 1: Reinstall iTunes

Reinstalling iTunes can fix this problem, and here is how to do that:

  • Step 1: First, click on the start option and then go to the control panel.
  • Step 2: Now, click on programs.
  • Step 3: Choose programs and features.
  • Step 4: Now, uninstall iTunes and all related apple software components. (iTunes, Bonjour, QuickTime, Apple software update, Mobile Device Support, Apple application Support, Other apple-related programs).

Solution 2: Erase your Device with Recovery Mode

If the 1st method doesn’t work for you, then you can check out the 2nd method.

  • Step 1: Connect your IOS device to your computer and open iTunes.
  • Step 2: When your device is connected, force restarts it.
  • Step 3: When you see the option to restore or update, choose to restore. iTunes will download software for your device. If it takes more than 15 minutes, your device will exit recovery mode, and you will need to repeat steps two and step 3.
  • Step 4: Wait for the progress to finish. Then you can set up and use your device.

So I hope now this issue has vanished from your iPhone. But, if you still have the error, you can read more about this topic from here.

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