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Is Humble Bundle Legit and Valuable

Is Humble Bundle Legit and Valuable? [Know The Truth]

Humble Bundle is a great place to start if you’re new at purchasing games online. And, if you’re like the majority of gamers these days, you’ve already invested in digital copies of your games, Humble Bundle is a wonderful deal.

On Humble Bumble digital shop, one can purchase a number of things in “bundles” – right from video games (old and new) to comics at discounted prices.

So, is Humble Bundle a good deal? Yes, it is.

It has been around since 2010, and hundreds and thousands of subscribers and hundreds of reviewers can speak. In terms of whether it’s worthwhile.

Even if some of the games in the bundle do not appeal to you, there is nearly always a major AAA or AA title included. It is frequently accompanied by a well-curated collection of indies, as well as some older/less popular AAA games.

What is Humble Bundle?

The majority of digital stores operate in a very uniform manner. You go to a website, look for a game you want to play, compare their prices, and buy it. Humble Bundle, on the other hand, is more of a “pay what you want to” store, where you choose the price you want to pay. And you don’t get to pick the particular game; instead, you buy a bundle of 6 or more games at a heavily discounted price.

These bundles had largely comprised multi-platforms for Windows, Mac, and Linux in their early days. Humble Bundle built a name for itself by providing DRM-free game versions, something it continues to do.

This essentially means that you download the game and start playing it. There will be no obtrusive digital rights management software wasting your CPU resources while also forcing you to sign in and save to the cloud.

Humble Bundle eventually started including AAA games like Tomb Raider, Civilization VI, Arma 3, DayZ in their bundles.

Why should you pick a Humble Bundle?

Aside from the “pay what you want to” concept, another great feature of Humble Bundle is that you get to choose how much of your money goes to whom.

How much money goes to the publishers, how much to the storefront, how much to the developers, and so on. Moreover, a part of every sale is donated to charity. Till now, they have donated over 185 million dollars to charitable organizations all across the world.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, I’d like to point out that they also have DRM-free versions of popular games. When you buy cross-platform games, you get a version for each software. Along with Steam and GOG, the Humble Store is the most pro-consumer digital retailer.

They, like Steam, have year-round deals on the games in their store. With a subscription, you can avail as much discount as 20% and 30% on the games.

What Makes Humble Bundle so low-cost?

Humble Package frequently promotes how they give a game bundle worth $200 or more for only $15 or $20. So, how do they pull it off? To begin with, the quoted price is extremely deceptive. Some games are older, which means the publisher is ready to offer them for a limited time at far lower costs than they were when they were released.

Humble Bundle has a variety of Bundles!

The main selling point of Humble Bundle is the monthly game packages that change. Humble curators select games from a large collection, balancing genres to ensure that there is something for everyone. You’re not a fan of fighters? Platformers are available. Don’t care for shooters? RPGs and racing games are available.

They follow a basic formula for bundles: one AAA game (new or old), a few AA games or high-budget indies, and DLC or low-budget indies for the remainder.

You can acquire many games for as little as one dollar in ordinary bundles that aren’t part of the monthly membership. This is due to the flexible pricing concept, which allows you to pay whatever you choose.

You may also unlock new games by paying a specific amount above the average. Furthermore, you have the option of sharing your funds between the publisher, charity, and Humble.

Is Humble Bundle just available on PC?

On Humble Bundle, you’ll find multi-platform games that can be played on Linux, Mac, or Windows. Playstation bundles are occasionally available, but they are extremely rare. Android game packages used to be popular, but they’ve all but vanished. The monthly game selection includes entirely PC games, so if you’re a Humble Choice subscriber, you’ll need a PC to play them.

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