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Is the GTX 980 Still Good for Gaming?

Is the GTX 980 Still Good for Gaming? [2022]

GeForce GTX 980 is one of the popular GPUs from NVidia, but the GPU is quite old or outdated. So if you are a gamer and wondering about this GPU, you are at the perfect place, as here I’ve reviewed this GPU in detail.

So, Is the GTX 980 still Good for Gaming?

YES! GTX 980 is still a good choice for gamers. This can serve a superb 1080p gaming experience with the latest titles. But, if you’re a modern gamer, this GPU can disappoint you as this GPU is quite outdated and does not have much VRAM to run AAA games smoothly. So for casual games, it is excellent, but not for high-end games.

This GPU can also not perform at 4k, so if you are a gamer who enjoys 4k gaming, you might suffer. Mainly for a simple gamer, this GPU is still worth buying.

Why GTX 980 is Good for Gaming?

There are some strong reasons to say yes to this GPU for many gamers. Let’s read those points:

1. Reasonable Price

The price of this GPU is one of the vital point; it is pretty hard to find a low-cost GPU that serve that much of an excellent gaming experience. And because of that reason, many beginner gamers love this GPU.

So if you’re are not a heavy gamer, and your budget is tight, I’ll highly recommend this GPU. There are hardly any alternatives to this product in this price range.

To conclude, for budget gamers, it is still a good choice.

2. Casual Gaming

If you’re not a hardcore gamer and mostly play low-end casual games, then this is a perfect GPU for you. This GPU can give you a great experience in a medium to low settings.

You’ll hardly find any issues while playing old and low-end games. So yes, if you are an average gamer, then you should go for this GPU.

As a note, I’ll recommend that you match their requirements with this GPU if you have some favorite games.

3. Good 1080p Experience

If you enjoy playing games at 1080p and you’re okay with this resolution, then this GPU is for you. This product is very capable of running games at 1080p.

Also, remember your Monitor should support that much resolution. So this is fine to play games at 1080p.

Why GTX 980 is not Good for Gaming?

There are also strong reasons you should not use this GPU; let’s see the issues you might have with this GPU while performing games.

1. Outdated GPU

This Product launched in 2014, so this is very outdated compared to the present day. The gaming industry has changed a lot, and if someone likes to play high-end modern games, they will suffer. So for playing high-end modern games, you should have at least somehow newest models.

So if you like to play modern games, this GPU is 100% not for you. Other versions available can be used as the equivalent of this GPU.

Thus, modern gamers should stay away from this GPU as there are many issues with this product.

2. Not Enough VRAM

VRAM is one of the main elements inside your GPU. This helps load your graphics much faster and serve you a smooth gaming experience. VRAM enables to serve of 2D 3D images in a short period.

So there are many benefits of having enough VRAM. But, in this GPU, you’ll only get 4GB of VRAM, which is not sufficient for modern games.

6GB is minimum for nowadays games; that’s why modern games should stay away from this GPU.

3. Not for 4K Gamers

Currently, many gamers are shifting to 4K from 1080p resolution. So if you’re one of them, you shouldn’t have this GPU because this GPU is not capable of running 4K games.

But for those 1080p lovers, it is still a great GPU; you’ll not have any issues while performing games at 1080p.

So it’s precise 1080p resolution gamers should have this, and 4k lovers should stay away from this product.

4. Heavy Consumption of Electricity

This GPU has a high TDP of 165w, which is high. TDP stands for Thermal design power that manages the heat generated by your computer. The lower TDP you have, the lower heat your computer generates. So this heating issue is a big issue while gaming.

Also, more TDP means more power or electricity consumption. According to some GTX 980 users, this GPU requires 2X electricity and heat dissipation than a GTX 1650 Super.

So GTX 1650 Super is a good alternative of this GPU.

Thus, this product will have more heat dissipation and energy consumption. But, if you can manage this problem, you can go for it.

Should You Buy or Upgrade to this GPU?

So if you already have this GPU, then don’t do those things that this GPU are not capable of, but in my opinion, there are not many issues you’ll have with this GPU if you’re not a hardcore gamer. This GPU still works like a charm without having many issues, and that made this GPU so famous.

If you’re having some issues using this GPU, you can also replace the other arts of your gaming PC instead of this GPU. Because often GPU works fine but not the other parts.

Now, if you’re planning to purchase this GPU, I would highly recommend this GPU if you’re not a heavy gamer because this is still a solid product.

Also, this GPU is budget-friendly, and you’ll get this at a reasonable price. People like this GPU because of its price too.

But, if you’re a hardcore gamer and want to play games at higher resolutions like 4k and want to future proof a bit, then this is not for you; you can go with a more elevated version of NVidia.

GTX 1650 Super is an excellent alternative to this GPU for modern gamers. As for the note, you have to pay some extra bucks for a higher version, but it will be worth buying for hardcore gamers.

Best Games for GTX 980

Before playing any games, you must visit their official website and check the requirements they have suggested and then match it with your GPU, and you’ll get the answer to whether you can play the game or not.

Though most games work fine with this GPU, you might have a problem playing AAA games. But, don’t worry, here I’ve listed some best games for you to play on this GPU.

  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Diablo III
  • Firewatch
  • Botanicula
  • Superflight
  • Minecraft
  • GTA 5 [in low settings]
  • Fortnite [in low settings]

You can smoothly play many other games, but you have to match their requirements with your GPU, and you’re all set to enjoy many exciting games.

So I hope you now know what decision you have to take. In summary, you should consider this product if you’re a casual gamer but if you’re a hardcore and future proof gamer, then stay away from this GPU.

Thanks, Cheers!

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