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Is the RTX 3090 Good for Gaming

Is the RTX 3090 Good for Gaming? (Gamers Opinion)

The GeForce RTX 3090 is a big ferocious GPU included with the TITAN class performance, and this was powered by NVidia’s 2nd generation RTX architecture.

This NVidia GPU contains several advanced and modern features, but is the RTX 3090 best for you? I have done a ton of research to let you know about this GPU.

So, is the RTX 3090 Good for Gaming?

Yes! The NVidia GeForce RTX 3090 is a good choice for gamers as it contains the TITAN class performance. However, this GPU also consists of Ray Tracing, AI Performance, Tensor Cores, and New Streaming Multiprocessors. So because of these features, this GPU becomes the perfect choice for gamers.

There were several other reasons why the RTX 3090 is suitable for gaming, and to know all of those reasons and facts, keep reading this article to the end.

Why is RTX 3090 a Good Choice for the Gamers?

The NVidia RTX 3090 is based on the 2nd generation RTX architecture and AI performance. Here I’ve explained some of the critical reasons why the RTX 3090 is a good choice for gamers.

1. Faster Performance

This NVidia GPU provides much faster performance in comparison with the other NVidia graphics card.

With this GPU, you will get performance boosts with NVidia DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling).

However, you will also get the AI specialized Tensor Cores on GeForce RTX GPUs to give your games speed boosts with uncompromised image quality.

2. Ray Tracing

Ray Tracing is the holy grail of graphics, and it matters most when it comes to gaming.

It stimulates how light behaves in the real world to produce the most realistic and immersive graphics for gamers and creators.

This NVidia GeForce RTX 3090 has the 2nd generation RT cores, and it produces maximum ray tracing performance.

3. Compatible with the 8K HDR Gaming

This NVidia RTX 3090 can connect, play, capture, and watch in brilliant HDR resolutions up to 8K with this GPU.

However, the HDMI 2.1 makes it possible for 8k resolutions on a single cable.

And besides that, it can capture up to 8k HDR footage with the GeForce experience, shadowplay feature, and playback smoothly with AV1 decode.

4. Victory measured in Milliseconds

The NVidia RTX reflex drives the ultimate competitive advantage.

It acquires targets faster, reacts quicker, and increases aim precision through a revolutionary suite of technologies to measure and optimize system latency for competitive games.

5. GPU Acceleration

GPU acceleration gives you the performance to create your best. And with this GPU, you can take your creative projects to a new level with AI- accelerated apps backed by the NVidia studio platform and powered by the GeForce RTX GPUs.

This GPU is helpful for you whether you’re rendering complex 3d scenes, editing 8k video, or live streaming with the best encoding & image quality.

6. Live Streaming Capability

When it comes to Streaming then, it’s the best choice for you. It can steal the show with incredible graphics and smooth, stutter-free live Streaming.

This GPU contains the next-generation streaming capabilities, thanks to the NVidia encoder.

Furthermore, within this GPU, you will get exclusive optimizations to all of your favorite streaming apps and unlock the ability to give your audience your very best.

7. AI Effects

This NVIDIA RTX 3090 GPU consists of advanced and next-level AI effects. And within this GPU, you will get the next level effects like- noise removal, virtual background, and many more.

8. Memory

The memory storage of this particular GPU is quite excellent, and it contains a 24GB memory size, and its memory type is GDDR6X.

9. GeForce Experience

Within this NVIDIA GeForce, you can keep your drivers up to date and optimize your game settings.

However, this feature is not integrated with your other NVIDIA GPUs, but these GeForce RTX GPUs let you do everything.

10. Game Ready Drivers

This GPU provides the users with game-ready drivers. The NVIDIA GeForce game-ready drivers offer the highest level of smoothest experience possible from the moment you start playing that game.

11. DIRECTX12 Ultimate

This NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3090 can deliver advanced DX12 features like ray tracing, variable ray shading, bringing games to life with ultra-realistic visual effects and faster frame rates.

This is such a valuable feature for the developers, and they can now add even more impressive graphics effects to Microsoft- Windows-based pc games.

12. NVIDIA Ansel

NVIDIA Ansel is another helpful feature embedded within the GPU. You can turn your screenshots into art with NVIDIA Ansel, a powerful in- game photo mode that captures 360, HDR, and super-resolution photos.

13. Virtual Reality Experience

The RTX 3090 provides users with an excellent virtual reality experience.

With this GPU, you will get the highest performance graphics and deliver the smoothest, most immersive VR (Virtual Reality) experience.

14. NVIDIA G- Sync

Within this NVIDIA GeForce, you will get the NVIDIA G-SYNC feature. And its refresh rate is up to 360 Hz.

However, the NVIDIA G-SYNC gaming monitors are the ultimate go-to equipment for enthusiast gamers.

15. Better Thermal Performance

Within this NVIDIA GeForce RTX, you will get much better thermal performance than the other NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards.

And because of its better thermal performance, you will get super-smooth gameplay and maximum resolutions with the ultimate visual fidelity.

These are some crucial reasons why the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 is an excellent choice for gamers.

At the bottom, I’ve explained some of the other significant factors regarding this RTX 3090 GPU and its gaming performance, so keep reading this.

Is 3080 or RTX 3090 better for Gaming?

The RTX 3080 and RTX 3090- both are pretty suitable for gaming. But if we compare both the GPUs for gaming, you will find that the RTX 3090 provides slightly better performance.

Its NVIDIA Cuda cores are around 10496, and its boost clock speed rate is about 1.70 GHz, and its memory size is approximately 24 GB. Because of this feature, the NVIDIA RTX 3090 becomes the better choice for gamers.

What Games can the RTX 3090 Run?

You can run several kinds of famous games within this NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card, and the game performance is quite good within this GPU.

Here, I have mention some of the most popular games which you can run on this GPU:

  • Forza Horizon 5
  • Call of Duty: Vanguard
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Valorant
  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • Far Cry 6
  • BattleField 2042
  • Age of Empires 4
  • Lost Ark
  • Elden Ring
  • League of Legends
  • Apex Legends
  • Genshin Impact
  • FIFA 22
  • Minecraft
  • Fortnite
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Back 4 Blood
  •  The Sims 4
  • Fallout 4
  • Halo Infinite
  • GT 5 Thor Mod
  • Darkest Dungeon
  • Far Cry Primal
  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

These are some of the most popular games you can quickly and smoothly run within your NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090.

Is the RTX 3090 Worth It for Gaming?

The RTX 3090 is one of the most popular GPUs at the current time, but is it worthwhile to buy the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 for gaming?

The short answer is yes; it is very much worthwhile for gamers. Besides gamers, it is also helpful for the game developers because The larger 24 GB VRAM greatly aids game developers in the RTX 3090.

And besides that, if you want to play memory-intensive games, it is such an excellent choice for you.

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