iTunes Dark Mode

iTunes Dark Mode: How to enable and Use?

Black is an aesthetic color. Nowadays, for the backgrounds of smartphone gadgets, dark themed backgrounds are chosen by many people. There are also many health benefits for using black and dark modes. This reduces the probability of occurrence of insomnia and eyestrain. iTunes is an app which provides this facility of dark mode.

At night, during our work time, our eyes remain stressed. Our eyes carry a huge load while working. But the dark mode gives comfort to our eyes. This mode of iTunes is user-friendly. The iTunes Dark mode looks attractive during the day. This gives a stylish outlook to your device. Another benefit of the mode is that it can be used in MacBook as well as Windows PC. Let us find more information about this theme of iTunes.

iTunes Dark Mode: How to enable and Use?


iTunes is a media player developed by the brand Apple. It can be used as a radio broadcaster, mobile management utility etc. It allows the user to organize the media in their gadgets and play them. This app is free to use. It provides unlimited stock of music.

iTunes is the most popular jukebox software in the world. Some hackers in the market have made some applications through which one can use iTunes on any device.

iTunes was supported by old models of the iPhone. But the recent models do not support the iTunes facility. The main strategy of Apple is to buy their products in order to use them. But being a free app, iTunes is no longer supported in new models of iPhone.

Why only iTunes Dark Mode?

The main goal behind the concept of the dark mode in iTunes is that it reduces the color contrast by less emission of light. Due to this, the problems which are caused by the usage of phones are reduced. The eye strains which may lead to severe headaches are reduced by using dark modes.

Many debates show that dark mode helps to have a longer battery life for the devices . This helps to increase the durability of the gadgets.

The iTunes offer internet radios, open stream music, audio coordinated graphics, playback of audio files and many more.

In your house, when you have several computers, you can share different music libraries. Home sharing feature of iTunes allows you to connect different computers.

Features in iTunes dark mode

Before knowing the steps let us know about the features of iTunes.

The system has two sets of background colors – the base and the elevated. This feature enhances the perception of colors.

Using dark mode specifically the system panel, dock and menu bar will be highlighted.

Steps to turn on iTunes Dark Mode on Mac

Apple has provided the iTunes Dark Mode feature as default in the MacOS Mojave. Many people have access to the feature. But it is really easy to enable this feature if you do not have it already.

Note : Mac PC should have Mac OS Mojave in order to access the dark mode of iTunes. This will help to set the dark mode as default. The colors change from the base to elevated automatically.

If the Mac PC is not updated then the following steps will help to get access to the iTunes dark mode. 

  • On the screen, Select the Apple logo key which is present at the left corner
  • Next go to system preferences. It’s present in the list.
  • Click on General  situated on the system preference window.
  • It is written dark in the appearance section. Choose this feature.
  • Now, select launch iTunes on Mac.
  • Now, Experience the beauty of Black!

Steps to turn on iTunes on Windows PC

The dark mode of iTunes can also be enjoyed on normal Windows PC. But many people don’t know how to get access to this feature. Here’s a guidance to the steps to experience iTunes on Windows PC. 

  • Select the option settings from the start.
  • Go to the option personalization.
  • Here another screen will open. From this screen select the colors option.
  • From the next tab select the dark option. This will be under default app mode.
  • Now like on MacBook, launch the dark mode on your PC. Have a great experience!

What to do when iTunes cannot work properly?

It often happens when iTunes is not supported by the device. The device in this situation keeps resetting to normal mode even after switching to iTunes dark mode. This problem creates obstacles in the work of the users. To fix this problem there are many software out there in the market. Some of these software are –

  • Tunescare
  • iMyFone Tunesfix

Users can use these two software to enable iTunes in the devices.

Cons of dark mode

Dark mode may reduce eye strains but this feature also has some demerits. People often neglect the downside of the dark modes.

  • Firstly, the image formation happens inside our eyes. The clarity of the images solely depends on the amount of light entering our eyes. So when we use light mode, more light enters our eyes. This helps to have a clearer image.
  • Secondly, due to less light entering our eyes, contraction of pupils fails. This may lead to pupil dilation. This may result in blurred vision.
  • Thirdly, while reading light characters placed on the dark mode, scattering of light occurs around the letters. This creates difficulties to read. But reading in a light background becomes easier.


This content has the overall idea about iTunes. It may be concluded that iTunes Dark modes are both effective and harmful to our health. But it’s easy to have access. People can enable the feature at home without the help of anyone. The guidance to iTunes is given above. This will benefit people in accessing the iTunes. These were the steps to enable iTunes in devices. For issues in running iTunes, we’ve also mentioned the remedies. Just go through them and you’ll be able to have access to the iTunes dark mode.