OBJ Emoji

What is OBJ Emoji on Facebook?

Have you ever seen some rectangular boxes on Facebook with OBJ written in it? Ever wondered what are those boxes? If you are thinking about these rectangular-shaped boxes, then you have come to the right place. We are going to reveal details about these boxes with written OBJ on them.

You may often see that while uploading a post, you uploaded it with emojis. But later on when we checked the same post, you noticed boxes instead of emojis. These are the OBJ boxes that replaced your emojis.

OBJ boxes are often seen in many messages. So, do you want to know why those boxes appeared? If you didn’t enter them in the article, then where did they come from? Well, we’ll find out all the answers to your questions in this article. Let’s see what things are waiting for us.

OBJ Emojis

What is OBJ Emoji?

Object Replacement Characters are often abbreviated as OBJ emojis. These are the boxes that replace certain emojis in a post or message. It denotes an object. The web pages are filled with objects. Every emoji or letter that are entered in the web pages is no more than objects.

OBJ emojis are taking place instead of the Unicode – a universal code of character sets. This is a  standard representation of all the symbols prevailing in the world. Unicode was created for the betterment of the understanding of computers.

Whenever you see any OBJ Emoji, then you have to understand that some content cannot be uploaded on the page or they don’t follow the guidelines. OBJ emojis are often the reason why you cannot publish your Instagram posts.

Why does Facebook display OBJ Emoji boxes?

Unicode was purposely designed for the OBJ boxes. With Unicode, you will not be able to see the OBJ emoji boxes. But this is part of a huge fact. More information is hidden behind this small amount of information. When software fails to identify certain characters or objects in a web page, then they put the OBJ boxes in place of those characters or objects. This is the reason why those boxes are called OBJ or object replacement characters. This is a placeholder that appears when a web page or software fails to recognize the objects. They cannot display them on the screen.

1. Software Bug

Certain bugs or problems are seen on iOS devices. Android devices are also not free of these bugs. Bugs mean problems. The bugs remain in the software system. The image or character becomes somehow damaged while entering the emojis or texts in the writing. These situations often create problems for the person who is on the other side reading the writing. These bugs can be removed by updating the Facebook application or even by changing the font libraries. The device’s OS update may also help you to get rid of these OBJ emoji rectangular boxes.

2. Voice to text Function – can you use it?

On iOS devices, there are often software issues. Software issues are common in iOS device software. While narrating the Facebook writings for the posts or the comments, the apple translator cannot read certain words or objects. This is an example of a software problem in iOS devices.

3. Update Apple Emoji library

Many updates come from iOS Apple phones. You can find updates for the emoji library. Updates come at a regular interval for these apple emoji libraries. People in these cases forget to update their character library on iPhones. This may become one of the main reasons why people cannot see the emojis instead they see the OBJ rectangular boxes in their replacement. Often it is seen that new, or rolled out emojis or updated emojis appear as the OBJ emojis for the Android software. This happens because the Android software lacks the availability of emojis equivalent to the iOS software system.

Thus, OBJ emojis are used as placeholders in text in Unicode. The objects which cannot be rendered on your screen are shown as OBJ rectangular boxes. If these things appear on your screen, you can just ignore them or skip the area. Now, we can hope that you are aware of these OBJ emojis. What are the boxes on the Facebook pages? You have got all the answers to your questions. Hope this article will help to clear all of your doubts.