One or More Audio Service isn’t Running [Fixed]

One or More Audio Service isn’t Running [Fixed]

Windows is a very popular operating system in the market right now. But every other major operating system has some problems that occur here and there. One kind of problem that windows users encounter very often is that “one or more audio service isn’t running”.

This is a very common problem for windows users and the good news is that this problem can be easily fixed with simple few steps. Today in this article we are going to take a look at what is this “one or more audio service isn’t running” and also look at some ways that will help you fix it quickly. So let’s see what exactly this problem is!

One or More Audio Service isn’t Running
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What Audio service isn’t running problem?

This error generally occurs when your sound devices like speakers or headphones stop responding to the commands given by your PC. You will see a red cross on the speaker icon on your taskbar. If you hover your mouse over this icon, then you will see a message saying “The Audio Service is not running”.

To get audio output, your Windows audio and Windows audio endpoint builder needs to be working correctly. If anything happens to these two drivers then there will be a problem and you won’t be receiving any sound output from your PC.

How to Fix Audio Service Issues?

Now let’s look at some methods on how you can exactly fix this particular issue. We are going to discuss 4 methods in this article. So let’s look at the first method to solve this problem.

Solution 1:

Whenever you face this particular problem you always need to make sure that the service in question in this case the audio service is running correctly. To check the status of your current audio service, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Press the Windows+R key to open RUN.
  • After opening the RUN box type services.msc and press enter to open the service window.
  • You will see a window called “local service window opening”.
  • Scroll down until you find the option called “Windows Audio”. Right-click on this option and select the option restart.
  • After this Double click on the option “Windows Audio”, then you will see another box opening, and there you should look for the options startup type and service status.
  • The startup type should be set to Automatic and the service status should be Running.
  • After checking these two parameters, click the OK option to quit this window.
  • Again, open the service window in the same manner that I have already mentioned.
  • Now, look for the option called “Windows Audio Endpoint Builder”. 
  • After finding it, right-click on this option and select restart.
  • You also need to check the startup type and service status like you did in the previous one.
  • After making sure they both are working correctly you may close the service window because your issue will be resolved.

If this method is not helping your issue, then you might want to try our next method.

Solution 2:

An old or missing audio driver could be the root of this problem. So in this case you need to update your audio driver. There are two main ways you can update a driver in windows. 1. Manually 2. Automatically.

1. Manually – So first let’s talk about how you can update your driver manually. To update the driver manually, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Press the Windows+R key to open RUN.
  • Then type devmgmt.msc then hit the enter button.
  • After hitting the enter button, the Device Manager window will open.
  • Under the device manager, you need to find the option called “ Sound, video and game controllers”.
  • Then you need to select the audio driver for example – i.e Realtek High Definition Audio and right-click on this option.
  • After right-clicking, you need to select the option that says update.
  • After the updating is finished you need to restart your computer to see the changes.

2. Automatically – now let me share with you how you can update your drivers automatically. Many apps will search for any driver update. You can install those updates all at once with a simple click of a button. I am going to suggest the best application for this job and that is “Driver easy”. This application automatically checks for any driver updates and lets you install those updates on your computer.

This is a free application and there is also a premium version available that lets you update each and every driver on your computer. But the free version will let you upgrade the audio drivers without paying any money. The app has absolutely no ads to this application and this will help you update your audio drivers.

If the problem is still there, then you should try the next method. That will help you solve this problem.

Solution 3:

Sometimes all you need to do is simply uninstall and reinstall the driver. This method solves a lot of problems and I am telling you this from personal experiences. If you need to uninstall a particular driver and then reinstall it, then you must follow the instructions mentioned below.

  • Press the Windows+R key to open RUN.
  • Then type devmgmt.msc and hit enter.
  • This will open the Device Manager window.
  • Then find the audio driver that you are looking for then right-click on the audio driver and you will see an option uninstall.
  • Select this option. After the completion of the task restart your PC to enforce the changes that just have been done.
  • After this again go to the device manager and select the name of your PC and right-click on it.
  • Select the option called “Scan for hardware changes” and you will be good to go.

This will help you completely resolve the issue of the audio service isn’t running.

Solution 4:

If you have already tried all the methods, and still experiencing the no audio issue, then you can run playing the audio troubleshooter. To use this tool you first need to follow the steps then it is mentioned below.

  • Open settings by pressing the windows button and there you will see a gear icon. Right-click on that icon and you will go into settings.
  • After opening the settings menu at the very end, you will see an option called “update and security”.
  • Then under the “update and security” on the left-hand side, you will have to select the fifth option that is troubleshooting.
  • Allow the troubleshooter to run and if you have a faulty audio driver, then it will pop up on your screen and after that, you can take the necessary action running the troubleshooter on that particular audio driver or on that particular problem.
  • This solution is very handy and solves a majority of the problems that you face regularly on your PC.


We hope that the above-mentioned 4 methods will help you to resolve the audio service issue. If you are working with windows 10, 8, or 7. These four methods work on each and every single version of this windows operating system. If you have any further questions, then write them down in the comments below. I will answer all of your queries as soon as possible.

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