How to Fix PS4 Sounding Like A Jet Engine?

Have you been hearing some weird loud noises from your PS4? Are you afraid that if you open it up, you’ll end up losing the warranty? Then here are some methods you can try to diminish the sound of PS4’s fan sound before you risk taking matters into your own hands!

If your PS4 sounding like a Jet Engine then you can try the following methods to fix this:

  • Place your PS4 in an area with good ventilation
  • Set the PS4 vertically
  • Turn it off and reset the PS4
  • Clean the dust from PS4 using a compressed air can
  • Open it up and deep clean your PS4 with a can of compressed air and electrical wipes

Let’s get into the details of these options that will allow you to reduce the noise coming from your PS4.

Place your PS4 in an area with good ventilation

If your console gets heated when you’re deep into a game, then it will also go into a hyperdrive and will need to turn on its fan to lower the internal temperature. This will then make those jet engine noises you’re so familiar with.

It will help to clear away any items cluttering the area near your PS4. Make sure there is plenty of space all around the console to ensure proper airflow and prevent it from overheating. Don’t put any coats, bags, or such items that trap heat near the console.

It goes without saying that you should not keep any flammable items near the console as it gets pretty hot and you don’t wanna see things burning when you’re enjoying your game. It is suggested by Sony that 8-12 inches of space should be maintained between the PS4 and other items.

Set the PS4 vertically

You can set up your PS4 vertically. This will allow it some better airspace and the fan will get more airflow. This will reduce the heat and the volume of the noise it makes. But this can be slightly risky as if the console falls from this position, it will scratch the disc running inside it and destroy it.

So make sure you’ve set it up in a sturdy manner and it cannot fall easily. There are some cooling vertical stands available in the market which will prevent it from falling as well as give it proper airflow thanks to its air vent hole in the bottom.

Turn it off and reset the PS4

If your ps4 starts making a very loud noise with its fans suddenly then it is possible that there is an internal bug in the CPU of the PS4. This will cause the fans to be very loud. You can shut your console down or you can turn it off and then restart it.

Check if it has reset itself and stopped making the noises. But make sure that you turn your PS4 off via the menu or the button. If you directly pull the plug of your console then it might get corrupted or ruin your game files, which will be a total nightmare.

Clean the dust from PS4 using a compressed Air Can

If there is dirt in the fans of your consoles, then the previously mentioned options might not be of any use to you, be it ensuring enough space for proper airflow around the console or keeping it vertically.

To get those fans cleaned, you can get a can of compressed air from the market which is now widely available online as well as at electronic shops. Then thoroughly clean your console using this can. You must never use a vacuum cleaner on your PS4.

A vacuum cleaner uses hot air to clean and it can prove to be very harmful to the electronic pieces of your PS4, rendering it useless.

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To clean your PS4, you first need to unplug it from all the cords and place it on a clean surface. Using the can of compressed air, fire quick bursts of air in the open sections of the PS4. Ensure the air hits all the ports and USB ports along with the top of the console to clear the excess buildup of dirt.

Then clean all the remaining parts with a microfiber cloth. Start from the left side to prevent the light sensor from any damage from the process of cleaning. Then repeat the process on the other side while wiping towards the right side. After cleaning up the console, clean the area where you keep the console before putting it back.

It is advised to clean the console once every month.

Open it up and deep clean your PS4 with Air Can & Electrical Wipes

To do this, you’re going to need a special T8 Torx bit screwdriver. After unplugging the console and bringing it to a clear surface, remove the stickers and screws from the bottom half of the console and place them in a safe spot. Tilt the console from the back and slide the plastic shell forward to remove it.

Make sure you’re not touching its wires or sharp edges. Using compressed air can clean the fans of the console thoroughly. Clean out the sides too. Then carefully put everything including the screws back together and you are ready to play!

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