Should you Turn off your PS4 Or Use Rest Mode?

As a long-time PS4 gamer, many of you have been perplexed about whether to turn off your console or use the rest mode feature. Is it a big deal if you leave your PS4 on all night? Will it damage the console?

You must be curious to research the current question of how you should turn off your PS4 or use rest mode to play more and save energy.

About Rest Mode in PS4

The PS4 was designed to be used in rest mode, so not only can you save time by installing updates and downloads while in rest mode, but you can also pick up from right where you left off in the middle of the game when you resume gameplay, it begins from the same point.

There is a power consumption of at least 10W per hour; the PS4 is highly cost-effective and loaded with features.

Should you Turn off your PS4 Or Use Rest Mode

Furthermore, the rest mode option will be your best choice for thanking the 2.5 PlayStation update, which is quite exclusive. The PS4’s sleep mode is very similar to that of your laptop, but unlike a computer, a PS4 uses a lot of energy that should be considered before buying it.

However, things are more complex than that because the PS4 consumes power even when turned off. The overall cost of removing it on standby varies widely depending on where you live and which product you currently buy.

Let us educate ourselves on energy-saving techniques that will help you save money on your PS4’s power bill and make better use of your investment in the machinery resource.

Reasons to set your PS4 on Rest Mode

1. Now you may be wondering why you would want to put your PS4 in rest mode; there are numerous reasons, like downloading games to your PS4 can take a long time for various reasons. Who has the time to wait for so long?

Because this generation has given us games that include two discs and a staggering 99 GB of good storage and is estimated to take very few minutes to install, it all depends on the availability of your wifi speed or any internet connection you may have.

2. Exact question: what will you do waiting for an hour and a half for a game to download? That’s something neither of us has that too, after a whole busy day, you want some relaxation.

One of the suggestions is that you can also download games when you’re not at home, which uses less power than just leaving the PS4 on before.

3. Another possible explanation would be to check for instant updates with good internet access; as previously mentioned, the 2.5 Playstation efforts to adapt tournaments continue to run while in rest mode, so your PS4 will randomly turn on and verify for notifications all of your games. Is it exciting or not? Yes, of course, it is which aids you in saving a lot of time and power.

4. It also makes life easier because you shouldn’t have to tell you how irritating it is to come home from work excited to play your favorite multiplayer game before realizing you still require a significant update. As mentioned earlier, no one wants it.

So the faster you set your rest mode, the better output you get. Based on other ‘s personal experience, these updates typically take at least 20 minutes and frequently occur with time.

5. However, to rest your PS4 is also a better option than simply pausing a game when real life suddenly interferes with your gameplay experience. Some games, such as the fantastic new OuterWorlds, have infrequent autosave systems, so if you forget to turn it on, you could lose a lot of progress.

6. If you rest the PS4, grab your controller and resume playing from where you left off.

Consider this for an example: if you’re in a massive boss fight that you’ve been struggling with for a long time, but it’s past your bedtime, having the option to rest the PS4 means you can log back on and destroy that boss!

If you turn it off, you will lose your place and fight the boss again, which is a pain.

Finally, while the PS4 is in standby mode, you can still charge your electronics, which many people do.

Problems With Using PS4’s Rest Mode

However, there are some issues with the PS4 rest mode that are discussed here. As previously stated, the PS4 will wake up at random to check updates. The standard time for developers to release new patches is around noon eastern, but the PS4 will frequently check for updates around 2-4 am.

1. This isn’t helpful because the new patches wouldn’t have been applied yet, negating the usefulness of rest mode.

While this can be solved by downloading something free from the PSN store and requesting your PS4 to download it and check for updates, it is a poor solution, and SONY should have included an option for your PS4 to check for updates at a specific time.


Another problem is the download speeds in PS4 rest mode. The PlayStation software system is a throttling system, which means that the PS4 has limited bandwidth available.

So that the more applications you have running simultaneously, the slower your PS4’s internet speed will be.


This means that while the 2.5 PlayStation update causes games to be suspended in the background, they are still active and will significantly slow down the download speed of other things.

This is even more of an issue when the PS4 is active, as downloads will be much slower, even when playing a single-player game that does not require an internet connection.


In addition, unlike your smartphone, there is no indication of when you successfully suspended a running application.

When you press the PS button to return to your dashboard while using an app like Spotify, it does not suspend the software; instead, it moves the performance to the background, significantly reducing your download speed.

There are two options for dealing with this situation;

  • Change the settings of rest mode so that it no longer suspends applications so you know your PS4 isn’t throttling them.
  • Reboot the PS4 so that all applications are closed, and then enter rest mode.

As you can see, the PS4’s throttling system can drastically reduce download speeds.

What is the power consumption of the Rest Mode?

  • When playing a game, your PS4 will consume 89 watts per hour, whereas, in rest mode, your PS4 will consume around 10 watts per hour, implying that rest mode consumes 8.9 times less energy than gaming.
  • Even when it is turned off but still connected to the power supply, your PS4 will consume 0.3 W because it requires an understanding of the input from your controller to turn it on.
  • Keeping your PS4 on standby will cost you around $10 per year, which isn’t too bad. However, if you’re only using standby to charge your controllers, remember that they can be charged with ANY standard Android charging device (non-USB-C) for only $0.5 per year, which is ten times lower in price!

How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your PS4?

  • PS4 should be turned off or placed in standby mode.
  • You can reduce the energy consumption of your PS4 in a variety of ways by adjusting various settings on your console. Go to your dashboard and select Settings > Power Save Settings > Set Features Available In Rest Mode.

1. Power the USB ports

The PS4 will automatically charge all of its USB ports in rest mode, which increases its power consumption. You have three options: always supply power, only supply power for three hours, or choose off, which means no power is provided.

2. Maintain Internet Access

Of course, you’ll need this option enabled if you want to download patches or new games. Still, if you wish your game progress to be frozen so you can resume whenever you want, it’s a fantastic option because having the PS4 connected to the internet consumes a lot of power.

  • Enable the ability to turn on the PS4 from the network.
  • Allows you to turn your PS4 on or off from the PSN network, using PS4 remote play on your Windows PC, Mac, or Android device.

3. Suspend the Application

This suspends the current application you’re using, allowing you to resume where you left off. There’s no point in turning this off because there’s no real benefit to doing so aside from this and the internet.

How to Turn Off and Enter Rest Mode on a PlayStation 4?

Fortunately, the procedure is straightforward. Hold the Playstation button in the center of your controller and choose one of the three options listed below: power options, turn off PS4 and restart PS4.

By selecting the appropriate option, your PS4 will enter rest mode or be turned off. Yes, it’s that easy.

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