Snapchat Dark Mode

Snapchat Dark Mode: How to Enable on iOS & Android

Snapchat is one of the most popular chatting applications preferred by users. The application has lots of cool features which makes it unique from other chatting applications. The snaps that are sent by you on Snapchat are automatically deleted after 24 hours. Nowadays the application has been much upgraded and comes with the latest features.

Dark Mode is one of the latest features that is trending in this tech industry. A lot of other applications starting from YouTube to Instagram have an inbuilt Dark Mode feature. Snapchat is unique to other social media applications and its Dark Mode feature is much different compared to other applications.

Does Snapchat have Dark Mode?

If you have doubts in mind about whether Snapchat has Dark mode, then you need to clear that it does not have Dark Mode. There is no inbuilt Dark Mode feature available on it. The official website of Snapchat does not provide any such feature. Hence your phone’s in-built feature of Dark Mode will not support this application, it will particularly not respond.

Now a question will surely come to your mind that how can you enable the Dark mode feature on Snapchat. The only way is to force the Dark Mode on your Snapchat camera. Snapchat comes with a cool feature called the Snapchat’s Low-Light mode that will enable you to capture quality snaps at night and in low light. This mode can detect the amount of sunlight automatically that is present in your surroundings. Whenever there is low sunlight and the amount of light is not enough to capture your snap, the application will turn the low-light mode on. This feature is only restricted to clicking pictures and snaps and not for the entire application.

To go through the above procedure, you can perform the following methods:

  • Click on the mobile camera using your finger to check whether no light enters your camera.
  • Move to Snapchat’s Low-Light camera mode and enable it.
  • Quickly capture your snaps, if you are late in taking the snaps the application will detect the sunlight and the Low-Light mode will automatically be disabled after realizing it is not dark.

Snapchat Dark Mode

The Dark mode feature provided by Snapchat is applicable for all kinds of smartphones, especially iOS and Android smartphones. Hence people using smartphones must follow the instructions below:

Enable on iOS Smartphones

Snapchat Dark Mode on iOS
  • You can Jailbreak your iPhone device with the use of Cydia. This is to change the iPhone settings and remove all the restrictions provided by Apple.
  • The iFile package must be installed on your device.
  • You can download all the Nightmare Package files that are available.
  • Next, Install the Nightmare package by opening the iFile from your smartphone.
  • Once you are done with the installation of the package, kindly restart your device. Once the device is on and you open the Snapchat application you will see that it will appear dark.

Enable on Android Smartphones

Snapchat Dark Mode on Android
  • You must route your Android device.
  • Visit the play store and search for ‘Substratum Theme Engine’ and install it on your smartphone.
  • After the theme engine gets installed, you can choose many dark themes for the application.
  • You have to select your device and the application where you want to enable Dark Mode.
  • There will be an installation that you will need to proceed with your preferred application.

If you genuinely prefer Dark mode then you need to wait until Snapchat launches its official Dark Mode. You are free to perform jailbreaking or rooting for your device only if you don’t think about the consequences. There may be more ways to enable Dark Mode but for common people, these are the preferred procedures to enable Dark Mode on Snapchat for Android as well as Apple or iOS users.

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