Why Is My Xbox Narrator Not Turning Off? [Here’s The Fix]

For Xbox gamers who suffer from vision problems or have difficulty reading, the Narrator option in Xbox is an excellent option. Once it is activated, it automatically reads all the menu items, but it can be a little boring.

This article will discuss how to disable the narrator feature because many people stated that the speaker turns on automatically when they login to their Xbox Live accounts and not turn off.

But, Why Is Your Xbox Narrator Not Turning Off?

  • It could be a Bug.
  • You might don’t know how to properly turn it off.
  • Internal issues of Xbox [Hardware or Software].

This can be very annoying for regular users. But, don’t worry, I’ve listed every possible Fix for this issue; let’s read below to know how you can turn it off.

What Is Narrator on Xbox?

If you’re a user of Xbox one, you might be already familiar with its Narrator features which read out the text aloud from any element present on the screen.

The narrator’s voice-assistance functionality is beneficial for people with visual impairments. This feature is disabled by default but can easily be enabled through settings; this feature can create some nuisance for some users.

So you might quickly want to turn it off with the use of a console, but you need tips on how to disable it swiftly.

How To Turn Off Xbox Narrator?

There are several methods to turn off your Xbox Narrator:

Method No. 1: Using the Controller

The simplest way to turn off the Narrator on Xbox one doesn’t require going to the system settings.

It should not take less than five seconds; just hold down the Xbox One’s home button. If you’re going to turn off the system and wait for the menu (pop-up) to appear, use the menu (“start”) button to disable Narrator.

If you’re already in Xbox One system settings, you can turn off the Narrator without holding down the home button.

Instead, you can select the ease of access tab and see all checked boxes for the Narrator. Just uncheck it, and your Narrator will be turned off. To turn it on, select the checkboxes again.

Method No. 2: Using Voice Commands

If you have enabled Cortana on your Xbox One, just head towards settings and select Cortana in order to enable this feature- where you can turn off Narrator without pressing a button.

You just need to say Hey, Cortana, turn off Narrator, and your system will automatically disable it; you do not need to use any Microsoft-branded headset for this method. 

Note:  Cortana should also be able to turn on Narrator, but we weren’t able to get this to work on our Xbox One. There may be differences in the voice commands supported by different regions.

Method 3: Reset Your Xbox

If you still have the issue, there is another way, that is Reset. So you can try resetting your Xbox. Often the normal Reset might not work for you; in that case, you have to use the Hard Reset function to turn off your Narrator.

Also, I’ve read some forums, and people have suggested that if one or two Hard Reset not work, you could try Hard Resetting a couple of more times.

Here I’ve also found some best resources for you if you still have the issue. Click here to visit Xbox support on Narrator, there are some proper instruction you can follow.

How to Turn the Narrator Off on Keyboard?

This method are for those who are proficient enough with their keyboard,

  1. Press keyboard shortcut Win+CTRL+Enter simultaneously; this will open the Narrator control window.
  2. If this is your first time using Narrator, you’ll see a Welcome Narrator Window.
  3. You just need to clear the checkbox of Show Narrator Home when Narrator starts, so the Narrator option does not appear in the future.

So these are the few methods you apply to turn off your Narrator on Xbox. After using all these methods, if you still have the problem, it is better to chat with Microsoft Support.




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