update Nvidia drivers with GeForce experience: a how-to guide.

update Nvidia drivers with GeForce experience: a how-to guide.

Nvidia GPU’s are quite popular among gaming gigs and YouTubers for their amazing performance. so to make graphic drivers fast and easy Nvidia has their GeForce application which makes updating your graphic drivers quite easy.

online video gaming and streaming are high on these days. youtube is becoming quite popular and creatoes are pushing their limits to provide the best video content to their audiences and for their graphics are very important.

professional online gaming is on its way to becoming mainstream as many online gamers now have their youtube channel. viewers also like to watch gameplay videos. so keeping your graphics drivers is a must if your a video content creator or online gamer.

this blog post is especially for those users who have an Nvidia GPU on their system. Nvidia has a range of GPUs including the GeForce, titan, RTX,3D vision, legacy, etc.

thos how-to guide will help you install Nvidia GeForce experience app on your Windows 10 PC and also how to update them with the Geforce experience app .also I will show you how you can download graphic drivers manually from the official Nvidia website.

so let’s get started.

1. updating drivers with the GeForce experience app.

Nvidia also has a desktop application for users so that they can update their Nvidia drivers directly from the application. it is free to download and is available on the official Nvidia website.

you can download GeForce experience app by clicking here.

after you have downloaded GeForce experience on your Windows 10 PC. just install it. after you have installed it, you just need to open and login. to log in create your Nvidia account or login using facebook or google.

inside the GeForce experience home screen, you get the home and drivers menu.inside the home menu, you get the general, account and games setting.

source: nvidia official website

this shows you the system specs and other Nvidia features which your system supports like game optimization, game stream, etc.

to download the latest drivers update of your Nvidia GPU click on drivers and check for updates. if there is one then there will be notification notifying you about the latest drivers update.

if you have an update available, then click on express installation to get the latest driver installed.

source: nvidia official website

once it starts installing let the installation get completed and you will be notified and you are done.

it’s that easy.

source: nvidia official website

inside the GeForce experience app, you can also enable desktop notification to get notified whenever a new update is available.

this how you can use GeForce experience app to get your drivers updated.

and now we are moving on how to manually download drivers from Nvidia website.

2. manually downloading Nvidia drivers.

yes, you can also manually download Nvidia drivers to your Windows 10 PC.

but before you do it, you should check your system specs as you will need this information.

to download Nvidia drivers manually to your computer, go to the official Nvidia website.

on the website homepage, click on drivers. inside drivers click on all Nvidia drivers.

source: nvidia official website

you will now be redirected to the download drivers page. this is where you can manually find drivers for your Nvidia product.

you now have to select the following-

  • product type
  • product series
  • operating system
  • windows driver type
  • download type
  • language
source: nvidia official website

after you select these followings, hit the search on-screen at the right bottom.

but before you download the driver, you should make up a backup of your current system configuration and then download the driver.

source: nvidia official website

to download the driver click on download which is onscreen.


so with these 2 ways, you can download and update your Nvidia graphics drivers. you should always keep your drivers update to enjoy the best gaming performance on your PC.

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