using Google maps offline in 2019.

it’s been 11 years we are using Android smartphones which paved the road to many apps from Google and others app developers, but when we talk about apps, google seems to be best at developing them and adding features to them after each iteration.

one of the most used apps from Google is the google maps application which helps us in navigating and searching for places.

but many of us use google maps only when we have data and turning on location can drain our smartphone battery much faster.

but many of us never used google maps offline, yes you heard it right. we can use google maps without an internet connection.

thsi blog post will guide you to how you can use google maps in offline mode.

let’s get started.

just open your google maps app on your phone.

now click on the 3 bars on the upper left-hand corner and you will be presented with a screen like the below one.

using Google maps offline in 2019. 1

now select the offline maps feature and you will be presented with a new screen.

select the option ” select your own map”.

using Google maps offline in 2019. 2

as of now, you can download the map which can help you navigate without data.

this not only helps in saving data but also battery as while using maps we turn on the location which uses more battery.

other than this google maps has a plenty of features to explore.

like, it provides real-time traffic updates, we can also save time with the auto-rerouting feature based on current traffic conditions.

you can also share a list of places with your friends.

while the best feature about google maps is the live traffic updates, with which we can choose the fastest route possible to our destination.

i hope this post will help you a lot .

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