What are some Good Ideas for YouTube Videos

What are some Good Ideas for YouTube Videos? [2022]

Whether it’s for your company or simply for pleasure, if you want to start with YouTube, one of the toughest aspects will be the finalization of video creation concepts. Choosing the right idea from the sea of available concepts can be one of the toughest jobs when getting started with your video creation journey.

It can be said that with tools like InVideo, it has become simpler than ever to create an appealing video, but paired with the wrong idea, your first project could simply turn into a disaster waiting to happen.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of 9 ideas that can help you in crafting your first YouTube video. You can begin by choosing any of the tips for your first YouTube video project and enjoy a massive impact with minimal effort. So let’s dig right in!

9 Good Ideas for YouTube Video Creation

1. An Event Live-Stream

There is a feeling of anticipation and excitement during a live broadcast. If you organize or launch a spectacular event, why not broadcast it live? You may utilize your social channels in advance to increase interest and create excitement.

Take a look at EA SPORTS’ playbook, which has been broadcast live to thousands of enthusiastic fans on the last stages of their FIFA 19 FUT Champions Cup event. If you have a compelling product, the degree of commitment is worth the challenges.

2. Ask Me Anything Videos (AmA)

AMA conversations on Reddit and Twitter are highly popular but can be translated wonderfully into a video.

This kind of YouTube concept may take the shape of a live broadcast or a recorded event, in which you collect questions from the public in advance and ask them to an expert. AMA videos frequently show surprises.

For example, who could anticipate that Eden Hazard is as strong as he is competent in this without this SPORF video?

3. Interview Someone Noteworthy

Set this tiny black book to work and invite an interview video with an intriguing or authoritative person from your company.

This is a chance for a reciprocal exposition of some value and is especially helpful if you can collaborate to post your movie on each other’s channels.

Just be sure to do your research and carefully examine your interviews, as Guy Goma’s now-famous BBC ‘interview’ demonstrates in all its fantastic splendor.

4. Testimonial Videos

If your clients or clients have gotten good feedback, why not invite them to come in and to record a testimonial video? As far as practical YouTube video ideas are concerned, this is the greatest thing.

Testimonial films are an excellent method to provide “social evidence” and give your goods or services an impartial viewpoint. You may also ask clients to give you webcam reviews in order to save time and expense.

5. Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard films are one of the most fascinating YouTube video ideas to convey difficult concepts via a very visual story. The conventional method is to video an expert who decomposes a whiteboard theory.

The increasing tendency is, however, later for digital films with an animated artist who creates a narrative, as the narrator narrates.

If you go down an old-school path, you rely significantly on finding a compelling speaker, like Rand Fishkin of Moz, who can give life to the debate. If you don’t have enough comfort in front of your camera, the digital approach works almost as well.

6. Listicle Video

We enjoy a nice listicle content once in a while. You might have already read this type of article, right?

Lists are effective since they dig into what psychologists call “schemes” – the psychological cartoons that we create from experience – and offer consumable chunks. If you break down methods or high-ranking goods, a collection of videos may work well.

Follow Neil Patel, the SEO expert, and utilize the YouTube video concept to offer your viewers additional value with a list of helpful suggestions to remove and use.

7. Top Tips Videos

Another method to improve the life of your audience is to provide suggestions that discreetly advertise your brand, product, or expertise.

If you can provide practical advice on a subject, you know about, you will promote a degree of trust that should see your audiences come to you again to get more insights and purchase into their goods or services.

Warhammer follows passionate enthusiasts and gives advice about how to create the ideal painting job while at the same time upgrading their consumers and promoting their paints and figures. It is a smart two-way strategy to creating a brand loyalty cache.

8. Service/App/Product Tutorial

A video lesson is a great method to get attention to your product or service. You can go through the complexities of anything you offer and provide important insights on the best ways to utilize it.

You may learn from Meditation app creators; Headspace whose beautiful clean and simple animation examples illustrate the stress-free experience their program offers. If you can match the appearance and feel of your instructional video with the basic concepts that relate to your product, you are a champ.

9. Case Study Videos

With the YouTube concept of customer reviews a step beyond, case study films show how your goods or services have benefited specific consumers. This kind of cooperation may provide you with related material that highlights your product range.

Ritz Carlton did it very innovatively by creating this film which emphasizes the actual tale of a happy couple at one of their hotels, whose romantic propositional history unfolded. The consequence is a very modest approval of the up-market product of the hotel behemoth.

As this list shows, you may use numerous YouTube video ideas to get your channel known. Everything you need is the origin of an idea and either the hands-on abilities to execute it yourself or the assistance of creative employees in developing a fascinating and memorable YouTube video.