What does CL.loc.vcf mean

What does CL.loc.vcf mean?

Is it a code or an extension? What exactly you must be wondering right? Let us discuss over here and curb your confusion and solve your queries. Many of us have this question and receive such kinds of file extensions via any medium whether it is Gmail or a normal contact file from your android or iPhone.

Here is your answer, a ‘virtual contact file’ is denoted by the file extension vcf. If you looked inside, you’d see all of the fields you’d see when saving someone’s contact information – name, phone, email, address, and so on, as if they’d shared contact with you. The suffix.loc indicates that you are looking at a geographical ‘location’ file, which is frequently associated with a map app, such as a ‘share my location’ function.

It’s difficult to say what your file represents because it depends on the originating and destination devices. If we talk about the whole CL.loc.vcf is a contact file for someone with the initials CL…and the.loc denotes providing the location. Especially it is stored in the contacts app.

What does the text message “Current location. loc.vcf” mean?

A Virtual Contact File (.VCF) is a type of contact file (or vCard). It stores all of a contact’s information, such as name, home phone, mobile phone, place of work, thumbnail photo, and so on. A loc.vcf is a map location with an address or possibly even GPS coordinates. Regular.vcf files can be opened on any phone, but loc.vcf (or CL.loc.vcf) appears to work only on iPhones.

There is a way to read them on Android, but they do not work with the built-in text apps that come with the device. Someone sent you either their current location or the address/location of a contact. A small map image is usually included with the loc.vcf file. Tapping on it will launch your default map app and take you to the specified location. And you have no idea that androids can’t read this file at all.

Android allows you to SMS a location, but it does not use the same format as the iPhone. Files with the extension loc.vcf Apple simply enjoys making things proprietary and complicating things for everyone else.

What Is a VCF File and How Do I Open It?

VCF files can be opened by a programme that displays contact information, but the most common reason to open one is to import the address book into an email programme, such as one on your phone or computer. Before continuing, keep in mind that some applications have a limit on the number of contacts that can be imported or opened at once. If you’re having trouble, go back to your original address book and export only half or a third of the contacts to VCF, then repeat until all of them have been moved.

Windows People (Contacts in Windows Vista and newer versions of Windows) is built into Windows 10 and can be used to open VCF files.

VCF files are compatible with Apple devices (such as iPhones and iPads); they can be opened by importing them directly into the Contacts app from an email, website, or other sources. If you’re using an Android device, navigate to Settings > Import in the Contacts app, and then select the.vcf file option to locate the vCard file on your phone or Google Drive account.

VCF files can also be imported into web-based email clients such as Gmail. Locate the Import button on your Google Contacts page and select the VCF file from the Select file button.

How Do You Get Started With Gmail Contacts?

If a VCF file contains an image, that image is binary and will not be visible in a text editor. The other information, on the other hand, should be completely visible and editable in any programme that works with text documents.

Microsoft Outlook and Handy Address Book are two free alternatives that can open VCF files. If you’re using Microsoft Outlook, for example, you can import the VCF file via the File > Open & Export > Import/Export > Import a VCARD file (.vcf) menu.

Pro Tip: Because you may have several programmes on your computer that can view VCF files, you can choose which one opens the file when you double-click it.

How will you be able to convert vcf files?

Follow the steps to convert a vcf file. So let’s check now:

  1. CSV is a popular format for converting VCF files to because it is supported by Excel and other programmes that prefer to import contacts from CSV.
  2. You can use vCard to LDIF/CSV Converter to convert VCF to CSV online. 
  3. There are options to select the type of delimiter as well as to export only contacts with email addresses. 
  4. To view all of the contacts, use the File > Import menu to open the VCF file. Then, select the ones you want to export and go to File > Export to select an output format (it supports CSV, TXT, and ABK).

And if you are still unable to open the file?

If you can’t open your file with the programmes listed above, you should double-check the file extension. When file extensions are spelled similarly, it’s easy to get them mixed up.

Examples include VFC (VentaFax Cover Page), FCF (Final Draft Converter), and VCD (Virtual CD). If you have one of those files or something else, do some research to learn about the format and which programme is required to open it.

What if you send a text message to someone, usually the same person, why does it say “read” sometimes and “SMS” other times?

Basically, The sender attempted to provide you with their current location. You would see a map that they shared with you on a capable device. At times when you receive such text, it is generally the contact information via different sets of mobile phones.