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What does s/u mean on a Snapchat Story?

Snapchat is one of the leading social media site, there are too many functionalities and with that people are often confused with many questions of different features, one of them is “what is the meaning of S/U on Snapchat stories?”, so if you want to know more about this then here we have explained this matter so keep reading below to know more about this.

s/u meaning on a Snapchat Story

On a Snapchat story s/u stands for or the meaning of the s/u is “swipe up”. So it is saying you to swipe it up to see something or to redirect you to a different destination if there is any link attached as Instagram stories. People like to post it on their stories for many reasons, they are:

  • The person maybe wants you to send to a page or affiliate website as they want to make some commissions with your purchase.
  • Somebody wants you to swipe up and comment something.
  • Maybe he/she wants answers to a particular question. Sometimes people like to play swipe up game by sending the people into page having lots of questions and wants your answers.
  • The person maybe want to make a conversation or chat with you.
  • Person maybe wants you to swipe up and DM you.

How to create s/u on a Snapchat Story?

So if you also want to create or post a Snapchat story with s/u then here we have step by step guide, following that you can also create s/u and get DMs or play games and other stuff also.

  • At first, go to your Snapchat account and then stories.
  • My story > then add any picture you want.
  • Next, click on link attach button
  • create su on a Snapchat Story
  • Now, type any link you want to send the viewers (web page link, Instagram ac link or any other) and then search.
  • create su on a Snapchat Story
  • Finally, click on Attract to Snap button and now your story is ready.

In, this way you can add send your story viewers to any destination you want. Mostly, people use it for marketing as well as to increase followers and viewers of any other social network or website.


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