What is AMPDevicesAgent? [You Should Know]

If you own a MacBook or an iMac, then you must have heard about the AMPDeviceAgent. If you haven’t, then let me explain that this is a popup message which keeps popping up on your screen while you are using your computer for doing some very important work.

It is a pop-up message that asks for your keychain password and which will give you a message by saying “AMPDeviceAgents wants to use your confidential information stored in iOS backup in your keychain, To allow this, enter the login keychain password”.

In this article, I am going to discuss what is this AMPDeviceAgent and why this popup occurs in the first place? Also, should you put the password that it is asking for? I am going to answer all these questions. Let’s get to our topic right now.

What is AMPDeviceAgent?

In simple terms, it is a background process in Mac OS Catalina. It is a task that runs in the background without even getting noticed. Mac OS Catalina is responsible for the synchronization of your iPhone and iPad devices using Finder.

It’s not malware or a pop-up that comes from a third-party application that is collecting your information and storing it within your keychain password.

This is a background process from Apple and you can confirm that by going into the activity monitor. The background process is generally located at


Why Does This AMPDeviceAgent Want your Password?

AMPDeviceAgnet wants to use your confidential information which is stored in iOS backup in your keychain. Enter your login keychain password. This message is displayed by this agent on macOS Catalina which requires you to perform a local backup of your iPhone and iPad which is connected to your computer via a wireless network.

You can simply grant this permission by putting in your keychain password which is the login password that you use to open your computer. This particular iOS backup is an encrypted one that is made to sync your iPhone and iPad with your computer.

How Can You Find Your Mac Keychain Password?

To find the keychain password on your MacBook or iMac, you need to follow the instructions mentioned below. 

  • First, you need to go into the finder, then you need to navigate your way into the utility section.
  • Then you need to go into keychain access.
  • Once you are inside the keychain access menu, you need to select your preferences.

Why does AMPDeviceAgent need so much processing power?

It can be really annoying to find out that when you are about to do a CPU-intensive task and your system is lagging. When you open the activity monitor, you realize that AMPDeviceAgent is occupying the maximum of your CPU. It is taking this much CPU power to only sync your laptop with your iPhone and iPad.

You don’t have to worry about anything, this is a completely normal process and it happens very often. This process will reduce CPU consumption when it successfully synchronizes your devices with your computer.

You can also disable this automatic synchronization process. Below I am going to discuss how you can disable the automatic synchronization.

How to Disable AMPDeviceAgent?

There are a couple of settings that you can try to disable this automatic synchronization process so it won’t occupy your CPU. However, I would recommend not to disable this setting because regular synchronization is important for the security of your device and it will also keep your personal data safe.

You can open Finder and remove your iPhone and iPad from there or you can also disable iPhone sync in Finder.

I hope this article answers all your questions regarding AMPDeviceAgent. I have tried my best to give the simplest answer to every question possible. Let me know of any other questions you have, and I will answer them all.