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What is DPI in a mouse

What is DPI in a Mouse? Things you need to know about DPI

If you are a gamer and you are using any special mouse for gaming purposes then you should aware of the DPI.

But lots of people don’t know anything about the DPI, well, I have done a ton of research about this topic and here in this article, I am going to explain to you some of the essential facts about DPI, such as what is DPI? which DPI is good for playing games? and some other critical topics regarding DPI. So, stick to the end of this article for detailed information.

What is DPI in a Mouse?

Generally, the term DPI actually stands for dots per inch. When you will purchase some kind of mouse at that point on the specifications of that mouse there is a dpi number. And this number is actually combined with lots of other numbers.

what is dpi in mouse

Usually, DPI is used to define the speed of our mouse cursor. When we do some tasks or play some kinds of games within our system pc at that point we move our mouse cursor several times, and if you really want to make fasts your mouse cursor then you have to use the DPI.

In general, when we move our mouse 2 inches at that point our mouse cursor covers 2 pixels on the desktop, but if you set your DPI to 800 then when you will move your mouse 2 inch it will definitely cover more pixels and instead of 2 pixels it will cover 4 or more pixels.

In, simple words we can say that we use the DPI to make fast our mouse cursor.

And if you don’t play lots of games then there is no need for you for a higher DPI mouse, the normal mouse is enough for you.

Now, in the below section, I have explained some of the major differences between high DPI and Low DPI.

High DPI vs Low DPI

Well, I have compared the high DPI and Low DPI while playing games and I come to know that the high DPI is normally increased the smoothness while playing games but the lower DPI is not so smooth for playing games.

At first, I set my mouse DPI to 16000 and it performs very smoothly and I don’t get any kinds of lags while playing the games. Besides that moving two ways is also becomes very much fluent. But when you will move your cursor horizontally it will become a very cumbersome process for you, just because it receiving all the tiny movements that you are doing.

After testing the High DPI, I tested the low 100 DPI and it is not so smooth as the higher DPI and you can see the small and tiny movements within this low DPI.

Well, it doesn’t mean that the low DPI is actually bad for gaming because within this low DPI you can do linear movements very easily and comfortably.

If you are still in confusion about which DPI (Dots per inch) is better for you then I should suggest you choose any DPI based on your preference because every DPI has its own quality for gaming.

Is Higher DPI Mouse Better for Gaming?

There were lots of confusion among the peoples about which DPI is good for gaming, some people suggest that lower DPI are good while some other states that the higher DPi are good.

And the real fact is A lower DPI really provides you with more accuracy while playing games. Unless you are playing such kinds of games where you have to aim something extremely quickly and where you have to sacrifice accuracy when doing so. So, usually a lower or medium DPI is useful and appropriate.

So, we can generally say that the higher DPI doesn’t better for gaming purposes. Here the important fact is the ability to change your DPI in certain situations.

But having said that the higher DPI also make some difference in some cases, most of the gaming mouse check how far they have moved around 1000 times a second which is also called a polling rate. If a player using DPI lower than the number of times the mouse checks for movements they leaving performance and accuracy.

Is Higher DPI Better for FPS?

The full form of FPS is “Frames per Seconds” and if any video is played at 24 fps that means each second of the video shows 24 distinct still images.

Now, let’s come to point that is higher DPI (Dots Per Inch) better for FPS(Frames per second)? The short answer is it depends on various factors. Such as it depends on the considerations of the pace of the game, space restrictions and on personal preference.

Some games like CS: GO are centred around slow play and therefore the large mouse flicks and are rather uncommon and therefore for this purpose, you may want to use the lower DPI for maximum precision.

While on the other hand some games like call of duty tend to be faster and consist of complex maps and with lots of players and therefore for this purpose higher DPI is required.

The DPI preference also relies on the amount of space you have to move your mouse. If you have a large mousepad and gaming surface then you have to try a lower DPI. And if your space is more restricted you should try a higher DPI.

So, we can say that the higher DPI is a better choice for FPS games, but these are not always good.

Do Pro Gamers use high DPI?

On average, the DPI coming in these days are normally around 1600 DPI (Dots per Inch) and some of the special gaming mice include the 4000 DPI or more.

A low-quality mouse that is set to a high sensitivity makes your mouse movement inaccurate and rough. While on the other hand, a mouse with a high DPI paired with low sensitivity settings will result in an inaccurate and smooth movement.

Now, let’s come to point that what amount of DPI do pro gamers use, well most of the gamers set the DPI range somewhere around 400 to 800.

Is 3200 DPI Good for Gaming?

Most of the people were saying that the 400 to 800 DPI is a very perfect choice for playing games but I  have used the 3200 DPI for playing games and it is not that bad at all.

And if you need something cheap then you should definitely go for the DPI 2400 to 3200 and this DPI is really good enough for the higher sensitivity.

So, we can say that the 3200 DPI is not good like higher DPI’s but still, it is good enough for playing games.

Is 4000 DPI Good for Gaming?

Well, if I truly speak then no, the 4000 DPI is not actually good for the gaming, just because of the smoothness of the gaming the lower DPis(Dots per Inch). And the DPI between 400 to 800 is always better for gaming purposes.

And if you are playing any kinds of action games then I should definitely recommend you to choose the DPI around 400 to 800 instead of 4000 because of the smoothness of shooting and zooming.

Well, if you have more than 4000 DPI then you don’t need to worry about it because it can definitely be increased and decreased by pressing a mouse on the button.

Is 8000 DPI Good for Gaming?

The answer is no, as I mention in the upper section that most of the pro gamers choose the DPI from 400 to 800 and therefore the 8000 DPI is not actually good for the games, yes you will get much more smoothness in 8000 DPI but till the linear movements will become difficult in these DPI’s.

And most of the gaming monitors suits the 1080p and 1440p therefore 8000 DPI mouse becomes much more fast and sensitive. And where accuracy is really important there this DPi is not working in an efficient manner. 

Is 600 DPI Good for Gaming?

It absolutely depends on the particular game which you are playing. But usually, the 600 DPI mouse is considered a good mouse for playing games.

And furthermore, it mainly depends on the two things one is game accuracy and game speed. For some games like PUBG 1000 DPI is most suitable and for the Fortnite 800 DPI is very much suitable.

There were tons of gamers who use the 600 DPI mouse because these are really exploding and besides that, in terms of sensitiveness and consistency and sensors this DPi is really good.

Is 400 DPI Good for Gaming?

The answer is yes the 400 DPI is really good for gaming purposes and lots of pro gamers are using this 400 DPI for playing games and it is usually the most common DPI which most of the pro gamers are using.

This DPi is really good for Aim and for playing the FPS based games these are really good.

Lots of people were using the 400 DPI because of Microsoft. And most of the mouse are usually have the 400 DPI, therefore, the gamers or pro gamers get used to this 400 DPI and they learned about how to play games with this mouse.

Is 1200 DPI Good for Gaming?

After the 400 DPI, the 800 DPI and 1200 DPI are the most common for the mouse. And gamers are using these DPI’s.

But having said that what I have understood is that you mostly need the 1000 DPI to 1600 DPI games for MMOs and RPG kinds of games. Some lower DPIs are useful for playing FPS based games or for shooting or shooter games. While the 1000 DPI or 1200 DPI are best for the strategy-based games, especially for the real-time strategy-based games.

And there is one more benefit of using this DPI because it will move your cursor very fast, yes it will move your cursor 1.5x fasts.

Is 1200 DPI Good for Fortnite?

Well, for these kinds of shooter games and shooting-based games most of the pro gamers choose the DPI somewhere around 400 DPI to the 1000 DPI, and between this DPI you can choose anything.

But if you choose any higher DPI than these then it will definitely bring some impact on the sensitiveness of your gaming performance. And if you want to take any headshots then you can very easily take that very quickly by using this DPI.

So, we can say that for Fortnite 400 DPI to 1000 DPI is best.

Why Do Pro Gamers use Low DPI?

There were several reasons why most of the pro gamers use the low DPI and here I mention some of those essential reasons, they are:


Aiming is such an essential thing while playing any kind of game and low DPIs between 400 to 800 are really useful for setting the aim within games. And gamers are mostly habituated with this low DPI and therefore they can aim at any object more smoothly and precisely.

# Snipping

The lower DPI’s are also useful for better snipping because of the slow movement of the low DPI. While at the same time the higher DPIs are useful for the spraying gun firing part.

These are some of the common reasons why most pro gamers use low DPI (Dots Per Inch) for paying games.

So this is all about DPI that you should know specially if you are a gamer. Thus, DPI can improve you experience of gaming in various ways.

Some said they are good with low and some said they need High. Hope now you can choose what you need? So for more helpful posts stay connected with us.

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