What Is LG IMS? Thing You Need to Know [Fix Stopping Error]

No idea about LG IMS? Then get an idea over here what it exactly means and also a clarity about repeatedly reported issues on LG IMS.

As in this post I’ve discussed everything about this topic and also how to fix or solve this error. Becasue many people have faced issues due to this LG IMS. So let’s start reading.

What is the Purpose of the IMS Service?

The IMS Service is in charge of ensuring that services such as text messages, multimedia messages, and phone calls are delivered correctly over an IP network system.

This is accomplished by automatically connecting this service to the user’s carrier or service provider.

Is the IMS Service a Safe Application or a Virus?

Some users receive the Unfortunately IMS Service Has Stopped error or another type of IMS Service error and believes that uninstalling the app will solve the problem because they believe it is a virus or malware.

Typically, this error is caused by previously downloaded apps. To resolve the issue, you must first identify which apps you have recently installed and then remove those apps. Another option is to clear the cache and data on the Messages app by going into the internal settings of the Messages app and selecting only the system apps.

Throughout the development of this article, you will notice some of the inconveniences that some users experience, as well as whether it is possible to uninstall this pre-installed application.

What Does LG IMS Stand For?

The LG IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is a framework in charge of delivering assistance such as Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) (Wi-Fi calling). This framework is not exclusive to LG devices; it can also be found on devices from other manufacturers.

The package name of this structure in LG devices is com.lge.ims, and there is nothing wrong if you see this in the ability to run Android system applications.

Users Have Reported LG IMS Issues

The three most common issues caused by LG IMS are discussed below. Two of them are not issues; they are reported by users, but it is simply how the framework works. “Unfortunately, LG IMS Has Stopped,” is the only known issue caused by LG IMS.

1. High Battery Consumption

According to some users, LG IMS is to blame for high battery usage, which they believe is a problem. As previously stated, it is a framework in charge of delivering services such as Wi-Fi calling.

When people see IMS (com.lge.ims) in the top apps for battery usage, they assume the app is draining the battery; however, this could be due to using the phone primarily for VoLTE or Wi-Fi calling.

2. Automatically Turning on a Location

IMS service can automatically turn on-location services to locate you and use that information for Wi-Fi calling without interruptions, regardless of your carrier or device.

Assume Android Emergency Location Service (ELS) is turned off on your phone or is unavailable in your country.

In that case, your device will be unable to share your location when contacting emergency services, but your carrier may.

How to Resolve the “Unfortunately, LG IMS has Stopped” error?

There are several solutions to this problem; we tried to cover them all so you could try them all, and one of them should definitely work.

1) Remove Recently Updated/Installed Applications

After updating or installing apps, the LG IMS dialogue box may appear. You can find all of the installed apps in settings and see if there is any app that you recently installed or updated.

Once completed, the message issue may be resolved.

2) Modify the IP Version Making Use of the Hidden Menu

  • Dial 277634#*# to access the hidden menu.
  • Locate and select “IP Version.”
  • Change the configuration from “IPV6V4” to “IPV4V6.”

If the message “Unfortunately, LG IMS has stopped” keeps appearing, you can enable the flight mode and then disable it once you’ve finished with the hidden menu settings.

3) Factory Reset Your Smartphone

Most people avoid factory resetting their device due to the inconvenience of having to set up the device again, but if you are unable to resolve the message issue using method 1 or method 2, you can factory reset and, hopefully, the message will not appear again.

Please keep in mind that factory resetting will permanently erase your data; therefore, before you rest your device, we recommend that you backup your data.

Here is how you can reset your device:

Android devices

using the side button or through device settings. We’ve described how to reset your device through device settings below; keep in mind that the steps may differ slightly depending on your Android OS version.

Navigate to Settings > General > Backup & Reset. To begin the process, tap on Factory reset. If your device warns you about wiping data, accept it and wait until the process is complete and your phone restarts.

4) Turn Off the LG IMS

As previously stated, LG IMS is an important framework; if it is disabled, you will be unable to use VoLTE or Wi-Fi calling. So, if none of the other methods is working for you, try this one.

5) Install a Custom or Stock ROM

Installing a custom or stock ROM can be a little difficult for people with limited technical knowledge. It is entirely up to you which one you want to flash, but we recommend going with the stock Rom.

IF YOU DECIDE TO USE A CUSTOM ROM, GOOGLE “How to flash custom ROM on (device name)” and follow the steps to complete the process.

If you want to install stock ROM, follow the steps in the video below, or search for a guide on Google.

You can also watch this helpful video to know how to fix LG IMS errors. I hope it will help you a lot.

FAQs related to LG IMS

Can I remove the IMS service?

As previously stated, the IMS Service is typically pre-installed, and this app is typically included with Samsung phones.

This app cannot be deleted with a standard user system because it is a production plant application.

A few devices with separate system encryption may allow it to be unloaded, but this is not advised because this is an essential service for proper phone features and functions.

Is LG IMS a Snooping App?

No, it is not a spy app, nor does it have anything to do with hacking. It is a framework that is in charge of Wi-Fi calling and other functions.

Is LG IMS a Spy Programme?

No. Contrary to popular belief, LG IMS is not spyware.




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