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Samsung Accessory Service

What is Samsung Accessory Service? [Everything Explained]

Samsung makes multiple devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, television etc. Some critics of Samsung argue that its success stems primarily from copying and then tweaking the innovations of others. There’s a great deal of truth to this, particularly with regards to early Galaxy designs.

Samsung, then again, is a worldwide forerunner in screen innovation, TVs, batteries, and chip plan. So it’s doing a lot of things right in terms of innovation. However, we know very little about how.

Samsung Electronics is in crisis because we have been a fast follower and cannot survive in this position any longer. Rather than leading the industry by developing innovative products, we have quickly followed what the industry’s leading companies have developed. Top management emphasised this and encouraged employees to be innovative leaders rather than followers.

We know how its competitors innovate – for example, look at Google and notice the 20% time, the big adjacencies, the search for disruption, and the bold statements about the future of automobiles.

Everything you need to know about Samsung Accessory Service

Samsung Accessory Service is a Samsung Android app that offers a variety of features that can be accessed by connecting accessories such as the Galaxy watch to your mobile device.

The Samsung Accessory Service app has caused multiple issues for its users following a software update, which is most likely why you’ve arrived here. This article explains what this app does, what common issues it causes, and whether or not it is a necessary app. Some of its issues are:

  • Transferring files
  • Data transmission and reception
  • Permissions are required
  • To transfer media files to the accessory device, the app service requires Storage permission

What is the main reason behind the app waiting for transferring files?

Because of this, the app says “Please wait while Samsung Accessory Service transfers the file”. A recent software update introduced the “Transferring file, please wait” notification, which is common on Galaxy devices such as the S7, S8, and S9.

The app sends and receives data, and some people have reported getting this notification right after they end a phone call; if your watch is connected to the device, the app registers the call history on it, so it’s not a big deal if you see it once in a while.

Solution for the above problem?

  • Reinstall the Galaxy Wearable app; this should automatically install the plugin and the accessory service app; this will correctly install the files and, hopefully, you will no longer see the transferring file notification. If the above method does not work, try force-stopping the app and clearing the cache.
  • Force stop Samsung Accessory Service by going to Settings > Apps > Samsung Accessory Service.
  • You could also try unpairing the watch, re-pairing it, and restarting your phone.

Battery Drain from Samsung Accessory Service

Hundreds of users have complained about the battery draining issue since the update, with the majority of them being One Plus users. Deactivate the battery optimization option to resolve the battery draining issue.

Regrettably, the Samsung Accessory Service is no longer available.

  • Uninstall and reinstall the Galaxy Wearable app, or update the app if an update is available, to resolve the pop-up issue. If you do not use the Galaxy wearable app, you can uninstall it to quickly resolve the pop-up issue.
  • If reinstalling or updating does not resolve the issue, you can disable notifications for the Samsung Accessory Service in the notification or app settings.

Is Samsung Accessory Service Required?

Yes, you will require this app if you use accessories such as the Samsung watch. It has numerous features, and uninstalling it will result in syncing issues with fitness apps. You can uninstall iWatch if you do not own a Samsung watch.

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