Why Do Xbox Headsets Break So Easily? [How To Protect]

The headset of Xbox breaks because the cord gets pulled up again and again from the plug, which causes the internal wire to break from the plug.

Another reason is the mishandling of the headset by sleeping along with it, leaving it tangled, and twisting the cord are the reasons for the breakage.

Also, keeping the headset without the cover, putting it in the pocket, or carelessly carrying it can turn the cord into knots and damage the wires inside.

Also, cranking up the volume or exposing it to sweat or any moisture can damage the headset from within.

How Long Does an Xbox Headset Last?

Usually, the headsets last 3 to 5 years if handled correctly, and if taken utmost care of, the high-quality headsets prolong for a decade. It all depends on the user, how much it is used, and how it is used.

How To Make Your Xbox Headset Last Long?

There are a few ways to increase the life of the headset:

  • Pull the plug, not the cable.
  • Fold the cable loosely.
  • Don’t pull the connector sharply.
  • Use proper length cable to avoid hassles.
  • Carefully place the headphone in the right place.
  • Don’t leave the cord on the ground.

Why Do Headphones Keep Breaking from One Side?

Generally, it happens when a wire breaks in the cord where it gets bent because of the plug. You can experiment with this by listening to music on the phone while bending the wire where it goes directly into the plug.

Another reason could be that the audio setting in the headset is functionally lonely for one ear; turn off the mono option if it is on in your audio settings. Also, the voice levels should be balanced in both ears.

What are the Best Headsets for Xbox Users?

Here I’ve listed some of the best Xbox headsets that are long-lasting and can serve good performance while playing games. So let’s check.

1. Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 follows the best-selling wireless headset, compatible with the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One.

It includes easy Xbox Wireless connectivity with Windows Sonic surround sound.

The new Stealth 600 Gen 2 is a large rotating microphone to illuminate fine-grained conversation that incorporates headsets when muted and contrasting, breathable ear cushions with ProSpecs technology that give the mirrors a friendly comfort in long game sessions.

The famous Turhum Beach Superhuman Hearing gives players a proven sound opportunity, operated by 50mm precision configured speakers, to get a deep, unadulterated sound experience.


Product dimensions8.54 x 3.74 x 9.57 inches; 1.28 Kilograms
BindingVideo Game
Model numberTBS-2315-02
Item Weight1.28 pounds
ProducerTurtle Beach
CountryOrigin of Vietnam
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

2. Logitech G332 Wired Gaming Headset

Logitech G332 enjoys the best sound quality: 50 mm large audio drives bring a fantastic sound experience.

This Gaming Headset produces a loud and clear sound at a 6 mm large boom mic that makes sure to be heard by game partners and is quiet when turned.

Use One Headset For All Game Platforms: Your headphones work with your PC or Mac with a 3.5 mm cable or with game consoles that include PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 (USB wireless stereo audio) only), Nintendo Switch (wireless stereo audio when docked), Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, and 3.5 mm cable devices.

Everything about these headphones is luxury; Deluxe lightweight leatherette ear cups and headbands are made to prevent pressure on your ears. The ear cups rotate up to 90 degrees for convenience.


BrandLogitech G
Connectivity TechnologyWired
SeriesLogitech G332 Stereo Gaming Headset for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Form FactorOver Ear

3. HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

You will get a lightweight Comfort at just 275 grams; the HyperX Cloud Stinger will not lose weight, making it ideal for longer sports sessions. And a 50mm steering driver for sound accuracy.

It comes with HyperX Signature Memory Foam which Plays comfortably for hours without any discomfort.

Rotating 90-degree ear cups makes HyperX Cloud better because the cups rotate at a 90-degree angle to better fit your neck so you can play comfortably for hours.

The volume slide is located below the right ear cup, making it easy to access and adjust the volume.

The most stunning feature of this headset is it can be used for Multi-platform integration such as PC, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.


Connectivity TechnologyWired
SeriesCloud Stinger
Form FactorOver Ear

4. Turtle Beach Recon 70X

Turtle Beach Recon is designed for Xbox One headset with continuous compatibility with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The lightweight headset design ensures complete comfort during long hours of play, including a headband and head cushions.

Ensure multi-platform compatibility for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One and work well with PS5, PS4, and PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, and PC & mobile devices with a 3.5mm connection.

You will get a leather-wrapped ear cushion to provide extra comfort, improved bass response, and better sound separation.

A most stunning feature of this headset is the famous Turtle Beach microphone that raises your voice loud enough to make sure your commands are always heard; Also, it exits the path to Silence, where it can be used and meets the headset design.


Microphone Type Flip-To-Mute
Glasses FriendlyYes

5. ASTRO Gaming A20

Astro offers an extended wireless range of up to 15m (50ft) with a 2.4 GHz wireless signal and device compatibility between voice chat and game audio on Xbox or PC.

A USB console for easy navigation. Additionally, the built-in battery lasts more than 15 hours of battery life and can be recharged with a USB-C port.

Quick and easy operation of a silencer with a rotating microphone to mute and a wide selection of different measurement settings by switching between 3 different EQ sets.

It enables long-lasting comfort for many gamers. No other headsets can beat Astro in flexibility, cloth ear cushions, and lightweight. We strongly recommend you go with this headset if you want to enhance your overall gaming experience.

So I hope you like this post, and now you don’t have a question on your mind. If you have any suggestions, then please do share them with us.

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