Why Does My Xbox Headset Keep Cutting Out? [Here’s the Fix]

Specially-designed game headsets are an integral part of a gaming console that boosts a player’s experience. The cutting-edge Xbox headsets allow gamers to enjoy a fully immersive game environment by blocking outside noise.

However, a headphone glitch, like an audio cutting out, can ruin the entire mood. 

Understanding Xbox Headset Cutouts 

The most common reason for the audio cutout issue is inactivity. Simply put, it happens when you leave your Xbox headset idle for over 10 seconds. To retrieve the sound, press the controller button. That’s it! The game’s sound will be back to normal.

However, this simple trick doesn’t always work out. Sometimes, the Xbox audio can cut out completely. Fret not!

Follow this detailed guide if you’re facing the same problem lately. Here we’ll discuss various solutions to fix the Xbox headset cutting-out glitch.

Possible Causes of Xbox Headset Cutouts 

Before fixing the headphone’s cutting-out problem, it’s vital to understand the root cause. Here are a few primary reasons behind headset audio cutouts.

  • Bandwidth limitations when sitting too far away from the connected Xbox console
  • Interference of physical objects in the room with Bluetooth signals
  • Defective hardware like frayed or exposed cable on wired headsets
  • Compatibility problems due to outdated Xbox drivers
  • Improper handling of wired and wireless headphones
  • Using an Xbox headset with low battery power
  • Slow and unstable internet connection
  • Out of range of Bluetooth signal
  • Bluetooth compatibility issues

Troubleshoot Xbox Audio Cutout Issue

The process of fixing the audio cutting-out glitch varies based on different parameters. Check out our step-by-step guide for all the possible fixes. Get ready for uninterrupted gaming action once again.

#Re-pair Headset and Game Console

Sometimes the quickest techniques can be the best solution. So try re-pairing the Xbox headset with your game console to resolve the audio problem. 

  • Switch on the Xbox headset and game console.
  • Press the green power button on your Xbox headphone for at least four seconds. (Note: The headset’s power button is at the back of the left earcup.)
  • Further, press the pair button on your console. It’ll also flash the power light.
  • Once both devices are in pairing mode, power lights will stop flashing with a repeated pairing tone.
  • After re-pairing finishes, turn on the headphones to reconnect with your game console. 

#Update Firmware

If your headset audio cuts in and out during gameplay, it’s usually a sign of outdated firmware. Not updating firmware on time affects audio transmission on an Xbox headset. Regular updates and patches allow gaming headphones to perform without dropouts and lags.

To upgrade to the latest firmware, follow these steps:

  • Download the Accessories app for your PC or phone.
  • Open the Xbox Accessories app from the Settings menu.
  • Click on Profile & System. Then go to “Settings.”
  • You’ll find Devices & connections options. Tap on it.
  • Further, select Accessories.
  • Select the () icon on the headset’s configure screen to check if your Xbox headset is running on the latest firmware.
  • Tap on the “new update” option to update the firmware.
  • Within a few minutes, your headset will upgrade to the new firmware version.

Additional tip: Keep your headsets on and near the gaming console while updating the firmware.

#Perform a Hard Reset

If you previously connected your wireless Xbox headset to another device, it’ll reconnect to them instead of your game console. So hard reset your Bluetooth Xbox device to fix the cutting-out problem.

Here’s the method to reset the connection:

  • First, plug the USB-C cable into your Xbox headset.
  • At this stage, don’t connect the other end of the cable to the game console, laptop, or computer.
  • Press the mute and power buttons simultaneously on the headset’s left earcup. 
  • Your headset will turn off, indicating hard reset is successful.
  • Now switch on the Xbox headset to use without any audio issues.

#Factory Reset Xbox headsets

Factory resetting is another easy way to erase audio bugs from your headset.

  • Tap the “Xbox” button on the controller.
  • Go to settings.
  • Further, select “Console Info” from the System menu.
  • Two options will appear on the screen – “Reset and remove everything” or “Reset and keep my games & apps.” Pick one of them as per your preference.
  • Once confirmed, it’ll fix all software-related problems causing audio cutouts on your Xbox headset.

#Adjust Chat Mixer Settings

This process is ideal if you experience an audio cutting-out issue within your party chat. It happens when the sound mixer focuses on your game’s audio instead of your conversation source.

So follow these steps:

  • Press the Xbox button on your console to open the guide.
  • Go to your Profile & System option.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • From the General option, select Volume & audio output.
  • Now click on “Choose Advanced.”
  • You’ll find a Chat mixer in the “Additional” option.
  • Modify the audio settings to 50% or 80%.
  • That’s it! It’ll fix the audio cutout issue while communicating with your game buddies.

Other Tips to Solve Audio Cutout Issues

  1. Solve signal interference issues by removing obstructions like desks, chairs, or walls between the console and you.
  2. Charge your headset or replace its batteries to fix the choppy sound.
  3. Stay close to the game console when you play using a Bluetooth Xbox headset.
  4. Turn your modem off and on a few times to refresh your internet connection.
  5. Buy an upgraded Bluetooth adapter compatible with the Bluetooth audio codecs of the Xbox headset. 
  6. Always keep the headset jack clean from dirt, dust, or food debris. You can blow out air on the controller’s jack to remove hidden debris.
  7. When using a wired headset, check for wire damage by wiggling the cable when plugged in. Replace it immediately if that’s the problem.
  8. Test your Xbox headset on another device. It’ll help you know whether the problem is within your headphone or something else is causing an audio cut out.


An audio glitch should never spoil your gaming experience. The crystal clear sound is as crucial as video graphics and the game’s plot. So whenever Xbox headset audio cutting-out issue occurs, try one of the above solutions. 

If nothing works, you can reach out to the Xbox support desk.


Why does my Xbox headset keep cutting out?

There can be several reasons for Xbox audio cutting out. It can include unpairing, outdated firmware, broken cable, physical interferences, weak Bluetooth signal, low battery, or internal damage.

How long do Xbox wireless headphones last?

An Xbox headset with an internal, rechargeable battery can last up to 15 hours of gaming sessions.

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