Why Does The Xbox Not Support USB Audio? [Here’s Why]

A perfect gaming console to quench your thirst for virtual reality comes with various online and offline games.

A USB microphone is more or less like the other microphones available, but it has two extra circuits, an AD converter, and a preamp. There are two varieties in the microphone, i.e., condenser and dynamic.

It gets connected to the device, which has a USB port. You can plug your microphone into the USB port of your device. The converter inside the mic converts the analog signals into digital signals.

Why Does the Xbox Not Support USB Audio?

Although the latest technology, Xbox doesn’t support USB audio because of security issues.

As far as technology is concerned, it is a well-equipped gadget designed by Microsoft. But you can use the USB by connecting it to the computer and opening the Xbox app on it.

In such a way, the audio floats to the headset, which passes through the microphone of the pc to your Xbox.

The Xbox cannot connect with USB directly but can be liked by other sources like Plantronics Rig 800, a wireless headset that connects Xbox One through a USB dongle.

Why Does the USB Headset not work on Xbox?

Just because the USB headset configuration is not compatible with Xbox; moreover, it is a non-gaming headset; it doesn’t have high bandwidth and doesn’t support crosstalk.

Will Xbox ever allow USB mics?

Probably not, because the company never allows tethering to the Xbox. Another reason might be that Microsoft permits their wireless technology to the headset makers only, and USB is not apt for it.

But the USB port of 3.5 mm is compatible with the controller.

Does USB to 3.5mm Jack Work for Xbox One?

The Xbox doesn’t have plug-and-play support for USB sound cards. It is meant for PC.

HDMI and Opticals are the two means to output audio from the Xbox. The former can be functional if the TV has a 3.5mm output jack.

Just configure your TV setting to disable built-in speakers to output your speakers so they will be directly connected.

Does the Xbox series support USB audio?

There are chances that the updated version of Xbox supports audio via USB as the Xbox series X wouldn’t don’t have TOSLINK optical audio output, which might support USB audio.

But currently, USB is not compatible with Xbox because of the lack of the following features:

  • Bang & Olufsen 
  • Audeze 
  • OtterBox
  • Nacon 
  • Honeycomb Aeronautical
  • Geek Made Designs.
  • Cable Matters

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