Why Is My Xbox One Controller Button Sticking? [How to Fix]

Having an issue with Sticking your Xbox One Controller Button while gaming?

Don’t worry, I had the same issue, but now it is successfully fixed after applying the below’s methods.

But, Why Your Xbox One Controller Button is Sticking?

Your Xbox Controller Button is Sticking because of the dust you have underneath the buttons of your Controller. Dust is always in the air, so while playing games, we have lots of dust on the buttons, and our fingers help them dig deeper by pressing the buttons.

But this doesn’t happen in a day or two. It might take a couple of days or weeks to congeal much dust, and when that much dust goes under the switches, you’ll have this issue.

But the good thing is you can solve this if you carefully read this post till the end!

Why Is My Xbox One Controller Button Sticking

Reasons for Your Xbox One Controller Button Sticking

The most common reason for the sticky buttons of the Xbox One Controller is due to the build-up of dirt and dust mixed with the edible oil, which gets on the controller by your hands.

If you have long gaming sessions regularly, the sweat and oil on your palms will undoubtedly transfer to your controller. Crumbs from snacks or liquids accidentally spilled onto your controller are other prevalent reasons.

I know the sticky buttons can be frustrating, but don’t worry; I have developed the solution ahead!

How to Fix a Sticky Button on an Xbox One Controller?

So as I promised, I would get you the solution; here we go; there are many tried and tested ways to work for you depending on how badly the buttons are sticking with your Xbox One Controller.

Solution 1: Rubbing Alcohol & Cotton Buds around the Buttons

This combo is a basic, non-invasive strategy that can be useful if you are starting to detect any stickiness. Simple cleaning will most likely solve your problem.

Note: Make sure your Xbox One Controller is unplugged.

  • First of all, dip a cotton bud into running alcohol, and remove any excess of it. You don’t want to apply much.
  • cleaning Xbox button
  • Now rub the cotton bud around the sticking button, and clean it as far as you don’t see any dirt and dust. The alcohol will aid in the breakdown of any muck that has accumulated.
  • cleaning Xbox button
  • After following this process multiple times, you need to press the button repeatedly, which will allow the alcohol to work its way with the controller. These steps should help you to loosen any residual dirt around the buttons of the Xbox One Controller.

Solution 2: Take apart the Xbox One Controller cleaning

This method is recommended only if you’re experienced in tearing electronic products. As far as I know, the above solution should solve your problem.

You need to part away from all the parts of the Xbox One Controller and try cleaning them, and if the issues persist, you should visit a professional.

Things to Remember while Cleaning Your Xbox One Controller Button!

The first and foremost method I mentioned above is using alcohol; the right proportion of alcohol is necessary, and excessive usage can damage the Xbox One Controller.

NEVER apply liquids directly to the device. Instead of using a cotton bud or Disinfectant, wipes are some of the reasonable alternatives.

NEVER clean the controller with bare hands while using alcohol or any other liquid; handling them without any precaution can be dangerous to your bare skin.

Do not Scrub the Xbox One Controller. There is always a risk of damaging the outer covering/layer. No need to scrub simple swipes and buds; an appropriate quantity of cleaner will do it.

Should I Continue Playing with Xbox One Controller Sticky Button?

I would strongly oppose playing with the sticky buttons of the Xbox One Controller. You might avoid this issue initially, but after some usage with a sticky button, the Xbox One Controller will stop working.

While playing games, the critical control buttons will become less responsive.

It can spoil the fun of gaming if your controller buttons feel sticky, stiff, and late responsive.

The stickiness can damage the Xbox One Controller internally in the long term if you continue to use it with the issue, and you might have to buy a new one for yourself.

Regular cleaning of the Xbox One Controller can avoid the issue of a sticky button, and cleaning will also increase its life, and you can save some extra bucks.

Why is the Xbox One Controller Button Hard to Press?

The Xbox One Controller has been facing the issue of pressing a hard button to perform its function for a long time.

Many of us think this occurs due to internal problems with the controller, but it is due to some external factors.

The main reason for buttons getting stuck and issues in pressing is when we have a long gaming session with the Xbox One Controller, and we tend to have our food relaxing on the couch with Xbox.

But, while eating or drinking beverages, the oil hands and the drinks sometimes spill into the Xbox and stiffen the buttons.

How to Solve Xbox One Controller Button Hard to Press Issue?

First, you will require a drinking straw, take the straw, and cut a portion of the drinking straw about 2-3 inches. Then cut it vertically once from end to end.

Now open and unroll the straw and wrap it around the face button, which will tighten around it.

Now move the straw up and down by buffing the button and working around the Xbox One controller button.

It’s fantastic for removing sticky substances, dust, or anything else. This worked for me!

I hope you’ve figured out how to deal with this sticking button problem on your Xbox Controller. Keeping cleaning your Xbox will help you to stay away from various other issues too!

If you have any questions or other experiences regarding this, please do share them with me. Thanks!

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