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Why Can't I Use the Eraser in Illustrator?

Why Can’t I Use the Eraser in Illustrator?

For those who are learning graphics designing, Adobe illustrator is a very well-known application. It is a graphic designing software that helps you make very attractive designs and graphics. So if you have just started using illustrator and wondering why the eraser tool is not working on certain things, then this article will help you.

Why Can't I Use the Eraser in Illustrator?

In this article, I am going to discuss why eraser, not working issues arise and where they appear exactly. So if you are facing this particular issue as a beginner graphic designer, then this article will defiantly help you. So without any further delay let’s look at the cause why this issue arises in the first place.

Why Eraser is not working issue arises in Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe illustrator is pretty dynamic application software. Its eraser tool helps designers to remove parts of their art or design to correct their mistakes and perfect their art or design. If you are trying to revise the effect in an illustrator file and can’t seem to make the eraser tool work, then you need to make sure that you aren’t applying the tool where it doesn’t function properly.

Areas where the Eraser tool doesn’t seem to work

Now I will discuss some of these areas where the eraser tool doesn’t seem to work. So without any further delay let’s dive into those areas.

1. Type

Adobe illustrator can’t seem to edit live-type files using the eraser tool. If you want to delete an entire type of object, then you should select that object with help of the selection tool then you just have to press the delete button.

Or if you want to remove an individual character from the type object, then you should use the type tool to select individual characters and delete them one by one. The eraser tool doesn’t work on the live type.

2. Symbols

The eraser tool of adobe illustrator doesn’t work on illustrator symbols. If you are trying to edit an object and the eraser tool doesn’t seem to work, then you should open the symbol panel to make sure that the object you are trying to modify isn’t any kind of symbol.

In the symbol panel, if the object turns out to be a symbol, then you should click on the “break the line button” in the symbol panel and that will let you use the eraser tool on that particular symbol.

3. Linked Artwork

If vector art is placed in adobe illustrator and you are trying to bring it into your file as a linked object, then you can’t edit this file using the eraser tool. The eraser tool will be disabled for this kind of file. The only way is to open the original document in illustrator and use the eraser tool on the original document itself. But if a vector art is embedded into your file then you can edit that file because embedded art becomes part of the file into which it is embedded.

4. Raster Effects and Placed Bitmaps

If there is a bitmapped art placed into an illustrator file then you can’t edit this file using the illustrator eraser tool. Because the eraser tool only works on vector material. If you want to use the eraser tool on a bitmap, then first you have to open photoshop and then you have to alter the file there. After altering the file, you can use the eraser tool on the bitmap file.

5. File extensions

You should be very careful about the extension of the file that you are opening using illustrator. Because certain types of files with certain extensions don’t enable the eraser tool to operate on them. So that’s why you will have to look for the file extension that you are using.


I hope this article is able to answer all your questions regarding why the eraser tool wasn’t working in adobe illustrator. If you have any further questions please feel free to share them with us, we will be more than happy to answer all of them.

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