About Aman Dhiman

Aman Dhiman

Aman Dhiman is the Editor & Author of this blog, AllTechLoaded. He is a PC Building expert and has built more than 5 PCs.

He always loves to share his proficiency in PC Building, Gaming, Streaming, and more with people. He has been playing Console Games for 10 years and has all three popular Consoles [XBOX, Nintendo Switch & PlayStation].

He is also an animal lover, a streamer, and a rapper. He also has a YouTube channel where he shares his rap and other songs.

Background of Aman

Hi, guys; I’m Aman; I finished my Business studies in 2019 and then started working on a Business consulting farm. I’ve worked with different top businesses for a few years and learned a lot.

When Covid shook everything, the small business fell, and I helped a few businesses to grow again. However, I don’t spend much time on the farm; thus, I write a lot here.

I play a lot of games besides my work. Fortnite & CrossFire are my favorites.

Facts about Him

Aman is also a singer and rapper. He has a YouTube channel for Singing too.

He is a close friend of Bhuvnesh.

Aman is an animal lover too. And he owns dogs, birds, and other animals.

Recently, he built a new PC at a very cheap price! He also builds PCs for his friends.

He plays High-End games and also streams on YouTube. You can subscribe to his gaming YouTube Channel called – I am BIG HEAD.

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