Best Tablets for Outdoor/Direct Sunlight Use [Updated]

Do you use your tablet in sunlight? If yes, whether for educational purposes like reading and watching videos or flying your favorite drone, I’m sure you’re not happy with the brightness level.

Normal tablets do not have super bright displays, they are fine for indoor usage, but if you’re from an area with super bright sun and use your tablet frequently, then you need different Tablets.

I have brought up the Best Tablets for Outdoor / Direct Sunlight Use because most of the Tablets are dim and hard to read even with Full Brightness.

This is where NITS (cd/m2) comes into play. Nits are the amount of light that tablets send to your eyes.

So let’s look at some of My Best Pick Tablets with High NITS to use Outdoor or in Sunlight.

List of Top 8 Best Tablets for Outdoor Usage

1. TRIPLTEK 9 PRO [1300 Nits Ultra Bright Display]


Introducing the first Tablet and the Beast of Brightness, TRIPLTEK 9 Pro. Recently launched, this table has the highest 1300 nits brightness level; on the market, you may not be able to find a brighter display than that.

Not only ultra bright display, but the TRIPLTEK 9 Pro also comes with Sustained Brightness, meaning unlike other displays that dim even with full brightness, this tablet will not dim anyway.

Also, this device offers a 4k high-resolution display with great visibility and high color accuracy for great images.

This tablet runs Android 12 and has 12GB of powerful Ram and 256 Gb Storage to give you stable performance.

The tablet has a sturdy, rugged military construction that is water, dust, and heat resistant. Also, the company says it is drop resistant as well.

If you’re a drone flyer or spend a lot of time with your tablet in direct sunlight, then this tablet will fulfill all your needs.


Brightness Level1300 Nits
Display Resolution4k
Display ColorHigh Color Accuracy
Screen Size8 inch
Operating SystemAndroid 12
ConstructionRugged Military
ProcessorHyper-engine Octa Core 64 Bits CPU
Storage256 GB [up to 1TB SD card]
ChargingFast Charge [36W]
Connectivity4G LTE, NFC, WIFI, Bluetooth
1300 Nits Ultra Bright Display to make an awesome outdoor experience.

Sustained Brightness that never dims your display.

4k High-Resolution

Solid Military Construction and Drop Resistant

Weatherproof: Water, Dust, and Heat resistant

HDMI Output Port

Not a very Famous Brand

Slight glare interference can occur, particularly on partly-cloudy days.

Not compatible with versions before Windows.

2. TRIPLTEK 8″ PRO [1200 Nits Ultra Bright Display]


The second tablet we have is again from the same brand TRIPLTEK; this brand is targeting outdoor tablet users and drone flyers; thus, the brand provides super bright displays.

TRIPLTEK 8″ PRO is again a great tablet with an ultra-bright 1200 nits display. This tablet succeeded on the market, and its successor pushed the company to make the tablet we discussed above.

This 8-inch tablet is also rugged military constructed, which is weatherproof and drop-resistant. It can work super at the temperature of 0°F to 120°F.

On the other hand, I really liked the quality of the battery life; it has a long-lasting battery of 12200mAh which can stay active for up to 30 days on standby. Not only that, but it also has a fast-charging facility to charge your device up quickly.

Again if you’re a drone flyer, it is specially made for you to provide all the necessary features, and the tablet is compatible with every drone.


Brightness Level1200 Nits
Display Size8inch
Screen Resolution‎2560 x 1600 pixels
Operating SystemAndroid 10
Ram‎8 GB
Storage256 GB
Processor‎2 GHz cortex
Weight‎1.38 pounds
Rear Camera‎21 MP
1200 Nits Ultra Bright Display

Made for Drone flyers and direct sunlight use

Rugged Military Construction

Powerful Battery with Fast Charging


Android 10 version

The company says it is waterproof, but you have to use it carefully

High Price

Not for high-resolution images & videos

3. TRIPLTEK Tablet 7″ PRO [1200 Nits Brightness]


We are at no three and still have the same brand, as our main focus is the bright display here. But, not just display, TRIPLTEK proves fruitful in many aspects.

This TRIPLTEK 7” PRO tablet was first launched in 2020 with a super bright display of 1200 nits. The tablet again tried to attract customers looking for tablets to use in direct sunlight. 

The table has 720p resolution on its 7-inch screen, so it may not be a great tablet for high-resolution video lovers. If the sunlight is your main priority, then we only suggest going with this tablet.

However, the tablet is made with military construction to protect against unwanted drops and pressure. It is also water, dust, and heat resistant, so you can use this tablet roughly outdoors.

The tablet has a good amount of battery life, and the company said it is specially made for drone flyers who spend a lot of time in sunlight.


Brightness Level1200 Nits
Display Size7inch
Screen Resolution720p
Operating SystemAndroid 9
Ram‎8 GB
Storage128 GB
ProcessorOcta Core Processor (12FFC)
Weight‎2.42 pounds
Rear Camera‎13 MP
Front Camera5 MP
Drop ResistanceUpto 2 tons of pressure
Connectivity4G LTE, WIFi, Bluetooth
1200 Nits Bright Display

Great for Drone flyers and direct sunlight use

Rugged Military Construction

Powerful Battery

Weatherproof and Pressure resistant

Old Android 9 version


Old gen processor

Not for high-resolution images & videos

4. Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch [1000 Nits Brightness]

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch

Finally, we don’t have TRIPLTEK and have our popular IOS Apple tablet. Apple iPad 12.9-inch is also a great choice if you want a tablet that should perform well outdoors, and you can use it for heavy tasks and entertainment purposes.

Meaning apart from outdoor works, the 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR Display is a beast for watching videos and movies.

Coming back to our main point, the tablet has 1000nits brightness level that can give you a peak brightness level of 1600 nits, more than anyone, right?

More importantly, this table is an IOS that we all are used to, and we can run our favorite Apple apps. Besides, the tablet is a great choice for drawing, note-taking, and others. So if you’re planning to use it for educational purposes as well, it can be a great tablet.

The tablet is a great option since we’re getting all our favorite apps for people who do outdoor tasks like construction, tour-guide, and others.

However, the price of this tablet is quite high, but another I really like about the storage options, it has 128Gb, 256Gb, 512Gb, 1Tb, and 2Tb variants.

So if you’re an IOS lover and want an outdoor tablet, then this is a mind-blowing option.


Brightness Level1000 Nits
Display Size12.9 inch
Screen Resolution2732 x 2048
Operating SystemiOS
Storage128 GB to 2TB
ChipsetApple M2 chipset
Weight‎1.5 pounds
Rear Camera‎12 MP & 10 MP
Front Camera12 MP
BatteryAll-day battery life
Face IdYES
Connectivity5G, WI-Fi 6E
1000 Nits of Bright Display & 1600 nits of peak brightness

M2 Powerful Chipset

Great for watching movies and videos too

Powerful Battery
IOS operating system
Good Cameras
Liquid Retina XDR Display

Price is high


You have to buy the Pencil separately

The Big screen can be problematic for a few people

5. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra [592 nits]

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Samsung can not stay behind when discussing mobiles, tablets, and laptops. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is once again a good outdoor tablet with a 592 nits brightness level.

However, that brightness level is not a lot, but if you’re a normal outdoor user who reads a lot and does a few other activities, this tablet can be a good choice.

The tablet has a 14.6-inch Super AMOLED display, making the screen brighter and more visible outdoors. This tablet is also a good choice for movie and video lovers.

Ram and Storage are two crucial elements of any device. This tablet has 8GB – 16 GB RAM and 128GB – 512GB Storage, combined with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 processor to serve great performance.

Another great thing about the tablet is the company said it will receive the latest Android versions 13, 14, and 15.

Apart from that, the camera quality of this table is awesome; I’ve watched a few videos and learned the front camera is superior at that price point and gives solid competition to Apple iPad.

The tablet is undoubtedly a modern beast with 5G connectivity. On the other hand, it has 11200mah powerful battery for long multitasking.

Thus, this tablet is good for outdoor users who are not hardcore users.


Brightness Level592 Nits
Display Size14.6 Inches
Screen Resolution1848 x 2960 Pixels
Operating SystemAndroid
Ram‎8 GB to 16 GB
Storage128 GB to 512 GB
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
Weight2.84 pounds
Rear Camera‎13.0 MP + 6.0 MP
Front Camera12.0 MP + 12.0 MP
Connectivity5G, Wi-fi and Bluetooth
Solid Processor and Performance

Latest Android Version

Powerful Battery
Rear and Front Cameras are super
Samsung S-Pen

Not a super bright display


Not weatherproof

High Price

6. Apple 2020 iPad Pro [559 nits]

Apple 2020 iPad Pro

Last but not least, Apple iPad Pro. This Tablet has a brightness level of 559, which is okay for normal outdoor usage.

Apple is one of the best companies globally, leading in phone and PC components. The Model is an iteration of the iPad Pro with some minor changes over the 2018 models.

The iPad Pro 12.9 inches wants to be more than a computer.

Until now, the iPad series is one of the best series of tablets to be considered beating many laptops on battery life, speed, and to some extent, specific functions.

This iPad is much more evolved than others and supports cursor input with a new Magic keyboard and a trackpad.


Brightness Level559 Nits
Operating SystemiPad OS
Screen Size12.9 inches
Display Resolution2048 x 2732 pixels
ProcessorA12Z Bionic
Dimensions‎11.04 inches in length, 8.46 inches in width, and 0.23 inches in height
Storage Space128GB (Also available in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB)
SD Card Expansion SlotNo
Main Camera12MP Wide camera, 10MP Ultra Wide camera, and LiDAR Scanner
Front Selfie Camera7MP TrueDepth front camera
Battery Lifeup to 10 hours
ConnectivityCellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Bionic A12Z chip.

The trackpad is available.

Face ID for authentication.

You need to buy a Magic keyboard and Pencil separately.

Buying Guide

1. Brightness Level [NITS]

Nit is a unit to measure the brightness of a particular screen or display. More nits mean brighter.

Any phone or tablet we use should have more than 200 nits display to provide clear vision. For indoor usage, we can use 200 nits to 600 nits display. But, if you’re looking for a display to be visible greatly outdoors, you should have more than 600 nits display.

Experts suggest having more than 1000 nits if you use your device in direct sunlight. So if you’re looking for a tablet to use in sunlight, go higher nits, like 1000 nits to 1200 nits.

2. Display

Whether it is display size or quality, both are crucial for outdoor use. For example, the Super AMOLED screen in Samsung devices looks brighter than others.

Also, the size is a factor when you carry and use your tablet outdoors because too large can make you feel uncomfortable, while a tiny screen also hard to read.

Apart from that, if you’re purchasing to fly drones, ensure the size compatibility with your controller.

3. Battery

More brightness means more battery consumption. When you do your work outdoors, it will consume more battery than indoors. If the weather is cold, it also takes a lot of battery quickly.

So make sure you use a tablet with large battery life and can run longer. Also, if you’re a heavy user, who needs to charge it up quickly, make sure to have fast charging as well.

4. Ram & Storage

RAM is crucial for all of our devices, no matter the other great software and hardware our device has. Without sufficient RAM, everything is useless, as it presents everything in front of us. So make sure your device has enough RAM for your daily outdoor work. 4GB is a must; the more you can have, is better.

On the other hand, your internal memory should be good enough to accommodate everything like movies, applications, files, etc.

You should opt for at least 64GB of internal memory, which you can quickly expand with an SD card. The more, the better.

5. Operating System

The OS (Operating System) makes a difference for those more engrossed with the technology.

Android is more diverse when compared with other systems. Whereas iOS has more security, functionality, fast experience, and other options.

But Windows has also built a good reputation overall in the industry.

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