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Bhuvnesh Uniyal is the Author and Founder of this blog. He is a passionate Technology lover and always tries to bring tech into every work. Bhuvi also likes to play games in his free time on his consoles. Read more about him >>

Bhuvnesh Uniyal
Samsung Accessory Service

What is Samsung Accessory Service? [Everything Explained]

Samsung makes multiple devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, television etc. Some critics of Samsung argue that its success stems primarily from copying and then tweaking the innovations of others. There’s a great deal of truth to this, particularly with regards to early Galaxy designs. Samsung, then again, is a worldwide forerunner in screen innovation, …

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Is 400 Mbps Good Enough For Gaming?

For a smooth gaming experience, good internet speed is undoubtedly important. But how much is good enough? Anything above 25 MBPS is good internet speed so 400 MBPS (MegaBits Per Second) is more than enough. However, only speed is not enough. The internet connection has to be stable for a smooth gaming experience. Many potential …

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What does CL.loc.vcf mean

What does CL.loc.vcf mean?

Is it a code or an extension? What exactly you must be wondering right? Let us discuss over here and curb your confusion and solve your queries. Many of us have this question and receive such kinds of file extensions via any medium whether it is Gmail or a normal contact file from your android …

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