What Is A Duped Gamertag? [How To Dupe Xbox Gamertag]

Everyone nowadays is a gaming person, and why not if you want a break from reality and can create your world and live in it?

Everybody wants a cool, aesthetic Gamertag or nickname that describes their personality, and nothing is wrong with it. Still, the problem begins when people steal someone else Gamertag or dupe or buy it.

The people who are not aware of what is Gamertag and dupe Gamertag. Let me give you a straightforward definition of Gamertag. Gamertag is a name or nickname in the gaming world. And duped are the fake Gamertags.

What Is A Duped Gamertag? How To Dupe Xbox Gamertag

What Is A Duped Gamertag?

A Duped Gamertag is a duplicate/fake Gamertag already taken by someone, but you somehow manage to get that Gamertag or buy it or steal it. Gamertag, also known as the alias handle or nickname, is essential in E-sport.

It is like your identity in the gaming world, like your identity card in the real world. It has become a defining trademark for some of its biggest stars. You need to have a Gamertag to login into your gaming world. It is a necessary element in the formation of online identity.

You have to choose it once, and then it goes to be that name for the rest of your life in the gaming world, so you should choose your name wisely. Otherwise, these are some cheerful Gamertag examples for you:

  • Dr. Peepee/PPMD
  • Balls 
  • my nuts

Yes, these all are the names of famous E-sport celebrities. This is why I said it above, choose it wisely. If you prefer your name wisely, there are some examples of good Gamertags:

  • Rookie
  • Uzi
  • Xyp9x

The last one is a bit old-fashioned. Names like these were used in 2000 but are still working. Duped or fake Gamertags are those that were not used in the past or inactive for a long time.

So people try to buy them or get them through cheap software or tricks or steal them.

People usually get another program copy that Gamertag and put it onto a new account so that it looks like that’s your creation.

Can Gamertags Still Be Duped?

Yes, now you can dupe the Gamertag you want. Xbox uncoiled a new update that allows you to change your Gamertag even if it is taken. As reported by Eurogamer, Microsoft allows you to have a dupe Gamertag if it’s already taken, you will have a hashtag, and a number shows up on the end of yours.

The number isn’t part of the Gamertag but just subtly on end in a smaller font and greyed out a little, but previously on 2nd April 2020, Microsoft forbids all duped and fake accounts on Xbox. Hold on; this is not the worst part.

The worst part is this; the account will be banned permanently, not temporarily; once you are out of the game, there is no chance of a comeback. So, there is no chance you can dupe or fake the Gamertag now.

The update should already be live on the Xbox app for PC and the Xbox Game Bar and will be rolled out on mobile devices and consoles this year.

How To Choose a Good Gamertag?

  1. Choose something short and simple.
  2. Your Gamertag should be personal and creative.
  3. Names to avoid.
  4. Use Twitch Name Generators.
  5. Make sure your Username has longevity.
  6. Don’t overthink it.
  7. Explore one or two names before you decide on one.
  8. Username availability on all platforms.

So these are the things to consider when choosing a good Gamertag for your Xbox.

If you’re having an issue changing your Xbox Gamertag, you can read this post.

How To Dupe Xbox Gamertag?

Now you can dupe the Gamertag you want Xbox uncoiled a new upgrade that allows you to change your Gamertag even if it is taken.

But now, It seems to be a method people are using to duplicate Gamertags and make them unsearchable. If you still want to dupe your Xbox Gamertag, there are some ways to dupe them, like videos on YouTube.

This information is just for educational purposes; we never suggest using or creating a dupe Gamertag for your Xbox. Always follow legal methods for a safe and stable gaming experience.

Xbox banned all the duped Gamertags and the Gamertags who purchase followers. All the new accounts were sold or recently swapped; their main account is also banned.

Most of their accounts are permanently banned for people who recently bought tags. If the same email has numerous links, then it is banned to not only your Xbox ID even your Microsoft ID too, but there is some way you can dupe your Gamertag; the following are the steps:

  1. Log in to your Microsoft ID 
  2. Then select the Gamertag for yourself if its already taken
  3. Download the Fiddler app from here [https://www.telerik.com/fiddler]; this will debug for you.
  4. You can add a number or underscore in front of the Gamertag you like then it will be a new Gamertag.
  5. You can buy Gamertag too. [https://www.sythe.org/tags/gamertag/]

This will do the work for you. The market is drowning with people selling duplicated Gamertags. Some people are selling them and earning a fair price from them.


In the end, I would prefer you to create a cool Gamertag by yourself or get some help from Gamertag generators if needed. https://www.coolgenerator.com/xbox-gamertag-generator

Do not try to dupe or fake your Gamertag because the online people you are going to play with know these dupes, and fake/dupe Gamertags and gamers know which are dupes, and because of the hashtag, anybody can tell which is a dupe and which is not.

It is very immoral and creepy to steal or buy someone Gamertag. People would not like to be around you or play with you in the online community.

The official Microsoft website suggests the one way to know if the account is a duplicate or not; if the profile picture doesn’t match with the picture as you search it up, then it’s a dupe.

Everybody knows that now so it is not cool to buy, steal or dupe the Gamertag. So be yourself, create your Gamertag, and enjoy your games with your friends and fellows.

And be proud of your Gamertag, and there is no need to be that creepy to steal or buy Gamertag. Be creative and playful with your Gamertag.




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