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Where is the Market in Harvest Land?

Where is the Market in Harvest Land?

Harvest Land is one of the most popular Farming games on PlayStore. It has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. This game has lots of adventures and harvesting properties to give you a real farming experience.

In this game, one of the significant area is its Market, from where players can get lots of things to level up the game. So let’s read the post to know more about the Market in Harvest Land.

What is Market in Harvest Land?

In Harvest Land, Market is the best place to earn different kinds of Amulets to build up the buildings. In the area no 5 and Level 20 the Market will unlock, after that you can use the Market to grab various Amulets. You have to fight with Clay Golem to unlock the Market.

From this you can get 4 types of Amulets, they are: 1) Amulets of Earth, 2) Amulets of Water, 3) Amulets on Wind, 4) Amulets of fire. You can also get these Amulets by fighting with monsters and sending Caravans in Market.

Where is the Market in Harvest Land?

Where is the Market in Harvest Land

You’ll find the Market in the 5th area and 20 Level. Before that, you have to unlock 19 levels and four areas by fighting with different monsters. There is a total of 4 Caravans in the Market and the first one you’ll get for absolutely free. For other Caravans, you need gems to unlock them.

There are three carts in each Caravans, and you have to fill those carts and send them to get the Amulets. You will also earn coins for filling those carts.

So I hope you like this post and this post clears all your doubts about Market in Harvest Land and now you can easily find the market. If you have other queries you can ask and also you can check if want to learn getting Relics in this game. To read more article like this stay connected with us.

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