8 Crazy Ways To Level Up Fast in Harvest Land [2023]

Harvest Land is one of my favorite farming games; many things engage players like me and you with this game.

I’ve been playing this game for the past 4 years and still love the game. Thanks to its regular updates and featureful elements.

When I first started this game, I wished to level up the game quickly, but believe me; there are not many tutorials available about this game. So I had to play, learn and level it up.

To Level up in Harvest Land Game, you have to earn star points or XP. Players get XP by doing various activities or completing the given tasks. So to level up quickly in harvest land, you must get as many XP or star points as possible.

I’m here for you to let you know more about how to level up fast in the harvest land game.

1. Play Regularly

First, you must play the game and spend time completing various farming tasks, producing goods, and others. The more you play and complete the task you’ll earn points to level up the game.

When you play the game, you’ll also earn gems and other things, allowing you to finish many tasks in the game.

Different levels also have different activities, and you’ll learn which tasks or activities offer you more XPs to boost your level when you play the game frequently.

2. Fulfill Merchant & Boat Orders

Merchant in Harvest Land
[Image Credit: Game – Harvest Land / Screenshot by Rosy Pal]

There is an old gentleman as Merchant in this game who asks for many things. Near your boat, you will find the Merchant; and you have to fill his boat with his orders. After filling his orders, you have to send it, and you’ll earn many XP or start points to level up the game.

You can also fulfill orders of the boats nearby to earn XP, but the XP is slightly lower than when you complete the Marchant order.

3. Fill & Send Your Caravans

You’ll get your Caravans in the market, which you have to open up with gems. There are 4 caravans in this game; the first Caravan doesn’t require a lot of gems, but, the 2nd Caravan needs 1000 gems, 3rd Caravan needs 2000 gems, and 4th Caravan needs 4000 gems to get unlocked.

Caravans in Harvest Land
[Image Credit: Game – Harvest Land / Screenshot by Rosy Pal]

Every caravan has 3 carts, which you have to fill with the required items. For filling those boxes and sending them, you’ll get XP or star points, boosting your level.

Caravans' Boxes in Harvest Land
[Image Credit: Game – Harvest Land / Screenshot by Rosy Pal]

This is one of my favorite methods to get XPs and level up quickly because it gives you more points than any other method.

4. Feed Birds & Rabbits

Birds and Rabbits are all around your farm, birds eat seeds, and rabbits eat apples. You need to feed them whenever they are hungry, and you’ll collect 10 points every time you feed them.

Bird and Rabbit in Harvest Land
[Image Credit: Game – Harvest Land / Screenshot by Rosy Pal]

This is a slow process of collecting points and leveling up, still, it can give you an extra boost while leveling up your game.

5. Use Gems

Using gems for completing anything is a common method nowadays in most games. Similarly, in Harvest Land, you can use Gems to finish or boost anything up, which will help you to level up quickly.

You can quickly fulfill Marchant and Boat orders, fill out caravans, finish producing goods in factories, store upgrades, and finish building upgrading using gems.

You can earn Gems by completing various tasks like Spinning the Casino, completing the achievements, completing the dragon race, and others.

Also, you can purchase Gems like any other game if you think it is worth spending money on.

I would recommend you save as many Gems as possible to use them for important things like;

1) Building Miners Guild

The premium shop has Miners Guild, which you can build with 5055 gems. Miners Guild can speed up 10% of your all production process. Additionally, you can get extra resources from all mines.

Those resources can help with further production. So if your overall production gets boosted, you’ll receive more XPs to level up.

2) Shipyard

You can purchase Shipyard from the Premium shop with 7185 gems. The shipyard can change the ship’s appearance and give an extra cell.

Changing the appearance of the Ship can increase the number of ports your ship can visit, and an extra cell will help to carry more items. The shipyard will increase the number of ports by 5.

Increasing the port numbers maximizes the chances of selling your products in those extra ports. Selling those extra items will give you extra gold and XPs.

6. Join an Active Clan

In the past 4 years, I’ve seen most players not join a Clan. Even I have not joined a clan in the beginning. But being in an active clan can help you in so many ways that you would not believe if you had not joined a clan yet.

7. Participate in Dragon Race

Dragon Race is a Clan game where all the players of a clan participate. Based on your league [Wooden, Steel, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond], you get a particular number of tasks that you have to complete.

  • Wooden League – 7 Tasks
  • Steel League – 8 Tasks
  • Bronze League – 9 Tasks
  • Silver League – 10 Tasks
  • Gold League – 12 Tasks
  • Diamond League – 14 Tasks

Few Examples of Tasks: 1. You have to make 6 silver ore in a day; 2. You have to make 40 stones within 6 hours.

After completing these tasks from Dragon Race, you’ll get keys to unlock various chests, like Rear Chests, Legender Chests, etc. You’ll get gold, amulets, relics, and gems by unlocking those Chests, which will help you to complete various things in the game and level up quickly.

8. Fight with Monsters

In this game, there are various Monsters who frequently attack your factories that stop the production of that attacked factory.

You have to fight those monsters with various weapons like shields, nets, spears, silk nets, and bows, and often you need magical weapons like Lucky Spears, Living Sheild, Thunderbow, Venomed Axe, and Fire Sword to fight other types of monsters.

You have to produce the weapons from the warrior house, and to make them magical; you have to go to your laboratory.

Now, you have to fight those monsters with normal or magical weapons. Some monsters take a small amount of time, whereas some take a long. After finishing the fight, you must collect the monster’s remaining, giving you gems, XP, Coins, and Amulets.

So these are my top methods to level up fast in Harvest Land; my best suggestion would be that you’ll level it up pretty quickly if you like the game and enjoy playing it.

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